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Barbie is due with her last litter of F1B Labra Doodles!

I have been breeding dogs with very selective foundation stock for 56 years.   I have raised many different breeds as the popularity wanes and then rekindles, presently non shedding and sporting dogs are what the people are in the market for so that is what I am breeding.

I have English Labs, which are the big block headed, barrel chested, slow to mature but well worth the wait, old fashioned type of Lab.   These are the foundation breeding for my LabraDoodles, so I do not produce pointy headed pups from my stocky females, I have kept back the best of the F1 females to breed back to my Standard Poodle.  My male is one of the nicest put together English Labs I have ever seen, no hip or elbow issues or health problems, just good solid Labs, if my Grandpa is watching from above he will be smiling.

The same goes for my Golden Retrievers, I have selected my breeding stock for temperament and stockiness, thick spring of rib, solid flat heads, good hips and elbows and gentle disposition.  I wish I were younger as I am now on the fifth generation of this bloodline and I have previous buyers begging me not to let this line fade away.   This is where I started my Golden Doodles, I kept back pick of the litter to breed back to Standard Poodle to create an awesome F1B, minimal to non shedding pups.

I have on board three male Standard Poodles.  Einstein, my Apricot, is a real ladies man.  Pluto, my Black, is the most graceful dog I have ever met and by far the most loyal…if a bear came to our farm this is the guy who would give his life to protect me, we are very tightly bonded.  Irving’s Travelin’ Cesar is the registered name of my awesome specimen of a Chocolate Standard Poodle….named after a man I admire ‘Cesar Milan’!  He is generally just referred to as Cesar, though.  Each of these boys have great confirmation, gentle temperament and are healthy, happy characters.   Together they have been producing some pretty awesome F1B pups, no matter which is the father or the grandfather, we have an unbeatable team here.

I eat, sleep and breath dog, I am a third generation dog breeder and have never been one day of my 63 years without a dog…my Dad gave me my first dog before I was 24 hours old, his favorite Cocker whelped the same time as my Mum and he picked a male Cocker Spaniel for me that he named Teddy, I had him 13 years and have gone on to own some pretty awesome dogs…some of which are cremated and will be buried with me when the time comes.

When I sell a pup a lot of me goes into it, I am with most of the mothers when they whelp and I imprint my pups as soon as she has chewed the umbilical cord and licked them off, from there they are handled daily.   I like to hear how my pups turn out and have made some pretty awesome friends through the sale of a pup and have had many return buyers and referrals.   I am here to advise on health or training issues for as long as I am needed, even if the pup did not come from me I will try to help make the bond between dog and owner as smooth as possible.   My goal is to put a healthy happy puppy into a forever home.   I believe in and stand behind what I breed.

My prices are $900 for standard color F1 pups (apricot, blonde, black, etc.), $900 for brindle F1 pups, $900 for chocolate F1 pups, and $1500 for F1B pups, and are the same whether you’re looking to buy a Golden Doodle or a Labra Doodle.

Margaret-Ann Irving – Fur Fettish Farm

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