Danni is a black F1 LabraDoodle and was born September 3rd. 2006.  She presently has her third litter (born April 3, 2011).  Her next litter will be her last and then she will be retired to a farm or acreage home.

Danni is from a very good black English Labrador Retriever named Kimberly.  Danni was an only pup but such an exceptional pup that I decided to keep her and hope she didn’t have such small litters (Kimberly’s first litter was two pups).  Needless to say, Kimberly was retired early, and Danni did not follow in her mothers foot steps- she has had one litter of 5 and two litters of 6.  Each litter has been a year apart.

Danni’s father is my black Standard Poodle, Pluto, and she has been bred all three times to my Apricot Standard Poodle, Einstein.  She produces F1B LabraDoodle pups that mature at about 50 lbs. and are non shedders.  Danni is a very calm dog, good with kids, loves the barn cats and is well mannered around all the other dogs and farm animals.  She weighs about 50 lbs. and is my smallest female LabraDoodle.

Check out some of the pups from Danni’s previous litters: