Another pic of spoiled Dayle! Her family wrote:

Here’s Dayle in her natural habitat. She couldn’t make it to the couch and could barely make it onto the bed! What a stinker.


Dayle, spoiled rotten in her retirement home!!


If all my dogs could score a home like Dayle did when she retired I would be the happiest dog breeder in the world. Her new family sent us this picture with the caption:

Daddy and Dayle

I made this for my granddaughter, but it
suited Dayle better!


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Dayle in her retirement home. I am thinking she has gotten a little soft!


A new picture of Dayle lounging in her new “dog house”! This girl’s got it made!


Update on October 20, 2011 – Added some pictures of Dayle in her new home! This lucky dog has scored a pretty awesome home for the rest of her life!

Dayle is now retired and has found a love seat in her forever home that she has claimed as her own. She has two other dogs and two cats to play with and her new owners are already raving about what a good dog she is. She was always an outside dog here so I was a little concerned about them taking her into the house but they tell me she has never made a mistake, always asks out and goes to her spot in the yard… I am always thrilled when people brag about my retired girls!

Dayle is a blonde F1 LabraDoodle, born August 14, 2006.  She presently has 8 puppies, born March 31st, 2011.  All are blonde or apricot in color, 6 males and 2 females.   This is her 3rd litter.  She will have her final litter next year about the same time and then will retire to a farm or acreage home.

Dayle is from my now retired Chocolate English Labrador Retriever named Abbey.  It was extremely hard to part with Abbey when she retired as this girl gave me some outstanding Lab and Doodle pups.   Dayles father is Pluto, my black Standard Poodle, and she was bred all three times to Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle.  Amazingly enough Dayle, having a Chocolate mother and black father, is blonde and has not thrown one chocolate or black pup in three litters.

This girl has the stout Lab build and throws pups that tend to mature bigger than Danni’s.  Dayle’s pups mature at 60 to 75 lbs.  Her pups are non shedding F1B LabraDoodles.   She has a very calm temperament and that ‘wise old owl’ look about her.  I am very happy with the quality of pups I am getting from both my F1 Labra Doodle girls.  Dayle weighs about 60 lbs. and stands 23 inches at the wither, her half sister Danni is only 21 inches at the wither.  Both girls have the Lab head and are both wavy coated.

Check out some of the pups from Dayle’s previous litters: