“Klifford the Big Red Dog”, Golden Retriever extraordinaire!  I was the first one there when I found out this litter had arrived and Klifford was my pick of a litter of 10 pups.  He has very correct, solid parents and I was thrilled to be able to purchase a pup from their only litter.  He was born April 2004 and moved here as a pup with us, now this is what a Golden Retriever should look like.  He is correct in every way and solid as a rock and throws his kind, gentle temperament on to all his pups.

Klifford is the father of Kamryn and Kianna, so he is the Grandfather to any of my F1B Golden Doodle pups that come from Kamryn.   Klifford weighs about 70 lbs. and is 23 inches at the wither.  He is a very happy dog.  When he goes for his run he goes to the paddock nearest the barn and checks out the Llama, Alpaca and donkeys that reside there.  Then he looks to see if any barn cats are about so he can give them a lick.  Next he checks on the girls (dog girls) and back to where I am cleaning pens.   Every so often he takes himself on an extended run and checks the cows but on a few whistle commands from me he shows back up with the look on his face that says “you knew I was coming, what is your hurry”.   This boy will die here with me of old age (hopefully him first), as will both my Poodle boys and my English Lab male.  I can not foresee ever parting with them.  We will all retire together if my plan works out.