Some news and fresh pictures from Korral and Kamryn’s “retirement villa”! Their owners tell us:

Couple of pics I thought you might like. The kids came down today with Korral & Kamryn. Last time I saw them was in gasoline alley when you were out and Korral was a bit tubby. Korral has always been good for the kids, but seeing her today is like seeing a different dog. She is at her proper weight and fights for attention with the others. She seems happy and out going and is a wonderful dog. I think having Kamryn around has done her the world of good. The three had a good time roaming around. It was awesome seeing them all together.


Kamryn was born February 10, 2007.  She will have her last litter in 2011 and then be retired to a farm or acreage.   Her mother is Kelli, who is now retired and lives on an acreage near Ponoka, Alberta, and her Father is Klifford the Big Red Dog, who will die of old age with his loving master.

Kamryn is an average size for a Golden but long in body (I tend to keep girls for breeding that are a bit longer as they carry their offspring easier and usually don’t have as much trouble with whelping).  She is well feathered and only slightly wavy.   Kamryns maternal Grandfather is “Dexter” of Telford Kennels.  Dexter is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever that fathered some of the most outstanding Golden Retrievers I have ever had the pleasure of petting.  Kamryn is the mother of Dezi (grey F1 Golden Doodle), so the Grandmother of the two pups she has now.   This is another girl that I will have a lot of trouble parting with so am on the hunt for a special home where I may be able to visit her.   A lot of  my girls retire to my friends and neighbors so I get to see them.  My Chololate Lab, Abbey,  actually came to visit me for Christmas last year.