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Darby scored an excellent retirement home on a ranch near Drayton Valley, Alberta. She has one of my Jack Russells as a buddy and apparently the barn cat….she loved the barn cats here and always let them sleep with her pups, so I’m glad she has a cat as a friend now.


Darby is now on a Ranch near Drayton Valley, Alberta.   Darby’s forever home is with a family that I have known for 25 years and have placed two Jack Russell’s with, so I am very happy that this will be Darby’s forever home!  Her new family told us:

Darby is doing great so far.  The family love her.  Grace was a little worried about petting her due to the ticks, but I assured her the ticks (and I haven’t noticed anymore) would not jump or willingly let loose of Darby.  After that, Grace loved and petted her lots.

She is such a playful dog.  Yes, she has smiled.  We love her already.


Today I am sad to say I have probably given Darby her last clip.  She is going for spay on May 22nd and home to recover and then on to her forever home….. people ask me how hard it is to sell my pups after so much of me goes into them…. not nearly as hard as letting one of my adult girls go!   I was there when this girl was born, I was there when her mother and grandmother were born and to me this is the saddest part of what I do for a living.   This is where I remind myself how many families I have made happy by placing one of my pups into their home to be a cherished member of their family.

I know I will get to see Darby again as I know where her new family are…. and this is why I do not ‘give’ one of my retired dogs to people I don’t know that just want a free dog.   Darby has, in my eyes, been my most outstanding F1 Golden Doodle, she will be a hard act to follow!   The downside of this bloodline has been the huge litters, the older I get the harder they are.   You would not believe how fat this girl is and she just weaned 14 pups…. I however, am 30 lbs. lighter!   I will miss this girl, she was so easy, not a barker, not a digger and it is not going to be the same doing chores without her smiles to greet me.


Darby Doodle extraordinaire, in my eyes this is my best F1 Golden Doodle.  She is the daughter of Kayden and Pluto and was born May 2nd., 2007.   She has had 2 litters of F1B Golden Doodles, fathered by Einstein, that rank at the top in my eyes for pups produced.   She will be bred the same way and should whelp in August or September 2011.   I took Darby to obedience classes and she did very well placing 5th in a class of 17.  Two of the dogs that took 1st and 3rd were pups from my breeding program, so I did not mind being beat.  Three of the top five dogs that placed were from here.

Darby is another of my girls that will hang around with me all day when I work outside, I have a combination of girls that can run for hours together when I am outside, Darby is always in that group.   She has excellent confirmation and produces very outstanding pups that are gentle, well put together lovable, loyal characters.

Darby weighs 50 lbs. and is 21 inches at the wither, so not a huge girl.  She does, however, have a full sister named Sophie that matured at 65 lbs. and is 23 inches at the wither.  Sophie is a longer legged girl with a bit more spring of rib and a most lovable personality.  Sophie is extremely smart, and knows tons of tricks….I get to visit her a few times a year and she knows who I am.  It is always such a bonus to me when I actually get to see and pet the ‘fruits of my labor’.