Debbie was born June 8th, 2010, so is 10 months old now.  She was four months old when these pictures were taken.   Debbie is an F1 LabraDoodle from Misty (yellow English Lab making the Grandparents Abbey and Trump), and Pluto (Standard Poodle).  This girl will produce some of the best F1B LabraDoodles from Einstein (in 2012) that have ever been whelped on this farm.

She has a full apricot sister here also (same litter) named Dory.   They have very different personalities.  Debbie is the more adventurous and curious of the two and always in the lead.  Although she is slightly smaller, she can outrun Dory when they go for a run.   I see more of Pluto’s personality in Debbie.  She is a bit of an acrobat and has a clown attitude.  It is very entertaining to watch her figure things out, like how to get the ball out of the dog house.   Debbie and Dory make me wish I were younger… I really want to see what this bloodline will do.