Dory in her new home on a farm near Melfort. I really wanted her to go where there were kids and room to be free, and she looks pretty happy.


I brushed Dory out and took fresh pictures of her. She is (hopefully) bred to Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) and due to whelp in July. I am really hoping for a few Chocolate as her Grandmother is Abbey, my first Chocolate English Lab, her Mother is Misty (Yellow English Lab) and her father is Pluto….these should be some outstanding pups as Misty’s Father is the Mighty Trump. Dory was born June 8th, 2010 and this will be her second litter.


Dory is Debbie‘s full sister, but they are not alike in build or personality.  Dory was born June 8th, 2010, her mother is Misty, making Trump and Abbey her Grandparents.  Her father is Pluto.

Dory is a clown.  She follows Debbie everywhere and then when Debbie takes a break Dory sits on her head, or pulls on her collar, brings her a dead leaf or a toy and wants to go play again.  She idolizes her sister but likes to be in her own pen and have her own space.  She is very much in looks and characteristic like her aunt, F1 LabraDoodle Dayle.