Hannah has now had her last litter of puppies and is up for adoption to a farm or acreage home. She was born June 16th, 2008, so she is 5 1/2 years old. She has had three litters of awesome Labra Doodle pups. In my breeding program the girls do not have more than three litters unless they have small litters (and so far the only one has – Danni). Hannah has produced some awesome pups and has now fulfilled her job as a breeding female and would like to go on to her final job of being a farm or acreage companion outside dog.

I would like half of what it cost to spay her, which is $200 (her spay and shots, teeth cleaning etc. were well over $400) but I am not looking to make money on her, I just want to make sure she goes to a great home for her last 9 or 10 years. Her file with all her information goes with her. She is an easy keeper, I have never seen this girl thin, in fact it may be a good thing for her to go where food is not full feed like it is here. Hannah doesn’t jump up on people, she is not a licker, she is well mannered, she is not a barker. If you may be interested in giving Hannah her forever home with room to be free and just be a good dog, please text 306 521-1371, call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.


Hannah, a Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, born July 16th 2008, struck my eye the very first time I set eyes on her.   She has what it takes to produce the quality of pups I am looking for from Trump.   When she came here it was obvious she had been purchased for her quality but no follow up with affection and training had occurred.   Once she had a few hours of training on her, and a lot of affection and praise, her real self shone through.  She has turned in to a confidant, loyal, sweetheart of a dog.   I left her an extra year to breed to be sure her head was in the right place (around here what is good for the dog comes first).  So this summer, at 3 years old, she should produce her first litter, she will be bred to Trump and I already have a waiting list.