Katie is now retired and lives near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba.  This gal is the mother of DoeDee, Dinah, and Daisy who are all F1 Golden Doodles and she is also the mother of Kianna, who is her replacement.   All three of her Golden Doodle daughters presently have F1B Golden Doodle pups, Kianna will be bred in 2012 when she is old enough.

Katie is stout and solid and the picture of health.  This girl never caused me one minute of grief.  She is a clean dog, preferring to wait for her run to go out into the trees to do her business in private.  She has passed this trait on to her pups, they are all very easy dogs to own.

The pen Katie is in is only a portable run, this was how easy this girl was to keep in.   She was very loyal to me and I have received pictures and letters from her forever owner thanking me for the wonderful dog I gave her.  She is full of praise for Katie and how she is her best friend now….my heart sings when I hear these stories about my dogs!