Kayden’s new owners sent us some updated pictures!  They wrote, “Attached is the photo of my mechanic. She is a great gopher catcher, now if she could only get the weasel under the house.”


This girl is Kayden, now retired to a farm in the Three Hills area of Alberta.   Kayden was from Bailey, a very dark red Golden Retriever and Dexter of Telford Kennels, who is a platinum blonde awesome specimin of a dog.   Kayden had huge litters which kept me hopping to supplement.  She is the mother of Darby, who without a doubt is my most outstanding F1 Golden Doodle.  Darby thankfully  had only 7 pups in her first litter, and 8 in her second litter.  Darby will be bred this summer for her 2011 pups.