Meet Trump.  I got pick of the litter when I chose this absolutely beautiful specimen of a dog!   Trump is an English Lab, his mother was Gold (with one black parent) and his father was Chocolate (with one black parent).  The litter was 10 pups, all coal black.

This is an old fashioned blocky headed, barrel chested, stout, gentle as a lamb, soft mouthed, intelligent, laid back Labrador Retriever.   He has a son that has gone on to be a professionally trained bird dog although Trump himself has never been used to hunt.    He throws good solid pups with his gentle temperament and loyalty.   This is another guy that will be with me until we die of old age.  He is very obedient and has solid hips and elbows.  He will be 7 years old July 12th and is just starting to get a few gray hairs on his muzzle.   He is such a happy dog, he is like a bulldozer when he goes for his run and then comes barreling back to me and skids to a stop right at my feet awaiting his loving time before he goes back to his kennel.   I called him Trump because I knew he would be my ‘Trump card’ in my Lab and LabraDoodle breeding program.