Another update from Lulu’s owners! She was born to Daisy and Einstein in April, 2011. And Daisy now has some new pups available as well! Click here and here to check them out! Lulu’s owners wrote:

It has now been a year since we added Lulu to our family. We love her to death. She is the sweetest girl…absolutely the best dog we could have picked for our two kids. Lulu is our third baby for sure! She loves the water and comes with us on all our adventures camping and to my parents’ lake. She is in great health and has bounds of energy! We have many off-leash runs…she loves to chase a ball which helps me wear her out! But even with all her energy she settles so quickly and loves to just hang out with us too. Thank you again for picking her out for us.


Lulu’s owners sent us an update on her. She was born to Daisy and Einstein in April, 2011. Daisy is bred back to Einstein again this year and due to whelp in May, so expect more great pups from her soon! Her owners wrote:

Just thought I would give you a quick update on Lulu. She is doing very well. We feel so lucky to have found such a perfect dog for our family. We always have people ask about her and where she is from. She is loved to bits! Thank you again for doing what you do.


This puppy is named Lulu. She was born to Daisy and Einstein in April, 2011. Her owners wrote:

We are loving Lulu. She is so good with our kids…they torment her and she loves it always coming back for more! We spent a lot of time this summer camping with our RV and she had many adventures. Lulu loves the water and getting out for a good run offleash. The fall leaves were a favourite especially when the wind blew and the snow has been great fun! She has lots of energy and is always up to play or go walk. We couldn’t imagine our family without her…there will be many adventures ahead! Thank you so much again for her…she is very well loved.