Bella (Wetaskiwin)

I got this picture and thought it was really funny! Bella is one of Misty and Einstein‘s puppies from July 2011. Her owner sent this note along with the photo:

Merry Christmas Margaret Ann! I know you have a good sense of humor, so hope you like our card. This was taken last month at Walmart, then I added my own caption. Bella looked so much like her dad with her clipped face, she had gotten some pine goop off our trees that wouldn’t wash out, so I trimmed her. She has finished all shots & boardetella too(just in case she meets any dogs that have been boarded). She will be spayed in February, and is up to 34 pounds already! She has grown so fast! House training completed and she still loves the treadmill. What a wonderful companion she has turned into! In the house she is mild mannered, followed by lots of silly playtime outside. I got her a Kong frisbee and she retrieves that thing, drops it at my feet, sits and cant wait till I throw it again. I just can’t tell you how much I love this girl, she means so much to me! Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies! I hope this season finds you and your husband well, and is filled with all the good things that comes with it!