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I hear about Ben on a regular basis and I will cherish this video footage of “Ben training Dale” how to throw a ball backhand (and backwards). There is a still picture also. His mother, Dayle is now a ‘love seat potato’ in Regina, instead of a couch she was allotted her own love seat so she can look out the window and announce the mail man. She has two other small dogs living in the same house so she isn’t entirely dormant. Einstein, Ben’s father, is still here and just put his spring work clothes on and is camping out with a few of the girls, one pen at a time, and he seems to know the routine as he goes for his run and then stands at the gate of the next pen. No matter what female he is bred to he has done an awesome job and his partner Cesar is now producing some of Einstein’s grandpuppies.

Spring is my favourite time of year, I didn’t have a very good winter, health wise, so puppies will arrive a little later this year than most. I felt it was better to wait until I felt better and the weather was warmer before the little ones start arriving. The first litter will be from Dawn, who is a daughter of Hannah and Einstein (making her an F1 Labra Doodle), she is bred for the first time, she was three in February and this is her first litter. It will be interesting to see what I get for color as Dawn is very brindle, black with gold highlights over her entire body, and she is bred to Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle.

I neglected to mention that Dayle’s father, Ben’s Grandfather, Pluto, is also still here. He is my black Standard Poodle, I don’t use him for breeding any more but he is such a great dog. Pluto will be 12 this fall and is still the most elegant, graceful and faithful dog. He will hopefully be with me for a few years yet to prance and dance around the farm when it is his turn to go for a run. It is going to be a very sad day when some of my old timers start to go. Becki-Sue (Jack Russell) was 14 in November, Mudflap, the cow dog with no cows to work, is now 12, and her deck partner Danni, a retired Labra Doodle, is coming nine. Usually these three are gopher hunting buddies but Becki-Sue is going blind and deaf so it really isn’t safe to let her go, on that note if I suspect a rat has moved in I take Becki-Sue over and her nose is still 100% Jack Russell and she will direct me to the exact location so I can deal with the varmint! How do people without dogs have fun?


Ben’s family sent us a new picture with the caption:

Here is the boy after a hard day’s work.


Ben is an F1B LabraDoodle that was born to Dayle and Einstein in March of 2009. His owners told us:

Hi Margaret-Ann, you have no idea how long I have waited to get these pics. I started carrying my camera with me. This is
Ben’s most favourite friend, he is bigger than Ben and very stinky by now. He hugs and loves him to death, has had him for
over 2 years and never hurts him, just hugs him. Anyway, here it is, I dread the day when it does fall apart. All his favourite
toys are as big or bigger than him. Quite a guy.