Crosby is one of Amber and Einstein‘s pups from July 21, 2011. I leash trained him and his two brothers and did quite a bit of obedience training before they found the right home but all is well. His owners wrote to tell us:

Crosby is doing great! He’s a wonderful addition to our family, he’s getting along very well with Fargo and there are many nights the kids are squabbling about who gets to sleep with him. My mom told our son Hardy an old trick–she told him to take a piece of bread to bed with him and after a few nights the dog will be yours forever! He’s been taking bread and Crosby has been in his room most nights. Hardy doesn’t know that we know the secret trick so he sneaks the bread in with him. It’s funny! Crosby has a wonderful temperament and we are very happy with him. He’s had one full day at home while we worked/school and he did great. We have a crate and he quite likes it. He loves socks so we have been keeping an eye on him from stealing/eating them. We took him to my parents home for Christmas day and he was quiet — there were lots of compliments about how well behaved he was for a puppy. It was cute because I was walking him by the lake (echo lake) and a flock of geese went by and he barked to protect me but he was at the same time frightened by the noise they made. Lots of new people and experiences for him.

We were on a nice walk today so he’s tuckered out here on the floor. I attached two pics of him —-one he is sleeping. It’s not the clearest but you can see he’s making himself comfortable:). The second he is laying on our tile trying to stay cool (he seems to find our home a bit hot at times).

We are enjoying our Christmas holidays at home with him. We are so appreciative of all of your hard work you put into him. He’s wonderful. My parents are considering getting a puppy from you and friends or ours really like him as well so you may hear from them in the spring.