This is one of Dixie and Einstein‘s pups born Oct. 20th, 2011 and now living in Moose Jaw. Looks like she scored a good home with some pretty cute little girls! Her owners wrote to let us know:

Willow was a little reserved at first but she”s warmed up to us and our house now. The girls, especially Via ,our youngest, absolutely love Willow. Kennel training has been easy with her only whining for a long time once after a late night bathroom break. There have been almost no accidents in the house as well. It took awhile for her to get used to the leash (thank God for youtube) but now we love going for walks together. We’re working at getting her interested in her toys instead of chewing on us or other things she’s not supposed to but I think she’s getting it. Perhaps we’ve just been lucky but she seems to have already learned to stay away when we’re eating (even from the girls). Either you do a lot of work with your puppies, or goldendoodles are really an incredible breed. It’s probably a combination and we are very happy and will be recommending furfettishfarm to anyone who is looking for a dog.