Duffy is from Dixie and Einstein‘s Oct. 31, 2008, litter…oh my goodness to get homes like this for all my pups!

His owners wrote us to say:

Duffy is the most loving and gentle dog I have ever known and he has always been this way from day 1. He is extremely smart and has been taught many tricks including, “play dead” where I tell him I am going to shoot him and make a fake gun motion and say bang. He will fall to the ground and “die” until I ask him if he is okay. Then he will jump up and give me a “high 10”! Duffy can do many more hilarious tricks including bouncing on all four legs when I ask him what tigger does? ….its especially funny when I try to imitate the sound tigger makes. The most recent trick since I am pregnant is where I ask him where the baby is? Duffy will jump up and put his paws and nose on my belly. He will get to meet baby in just a few short weeks. We are so excited to see his reaction as he is so gentle!