F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Darby) – Born Fabruary 17, 2012

All Darby’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Darby and Einstein now have only one male F1B Golden Doodle left available. He is a non shedding, very soft, cuddly character with a real clown personality. During picture taking he checks on the cats, throws his stuffy on the floor or tosses it in the air, wags his tail and is just a joy to have as the subject of my photo shoot. This pup now has three sets of boosters, has been dewormed three times, is completely vet checked, dew claws have been removed and he is ready to dazzle you with his antics. He is fairly familiar with his crate and it will not take long to crate and house train this pup…..he catches on quickly to what is wanted, he has started to fetch his toy for me. The price is $900 delivered to Edmonton and south, Regina is this Saturday and Saskatoon will be left open. For more information call 1 306 792-2113.


These are Darby’s last two pups out of her litter of 12 born Feb. 17th, 2012. They are F1B Golden Doodles and are non shedding, super well handled, intelligent and happy little characters. I am delivering to Alberta this Friday, April 27th. and Saturday the 28th. They have two sets of boosters and have been dewormed twice. They are trained to go to the bathroom in one small area of a very large pen. They come when they are called, keep their feet off unless they are invited up and do no use their mouth (i.e.: licking) so are right ready to start some one on one training. They sleep in a crate with the door off so crate training will be fast. The price of the pups include delivery to major cities in the three prairie provinces. My phone number is 306 792-2113.


Darby and Einstein now have only four pups available out of their Feb. 17th litter of twelve. They are 8 weeks old today and have had two sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and are completely vet checked. They are $900 delivered to main cities in central and south Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. If one of these pups catches your eye let me know and I will send all the pictures I have taken of it today.


Darby has three male pups left available (pictured with the blue octopus, purple octopus, and lion stuffies). They are F1B Golden Doodles sired by Einstein and born Feb. 17th. These are non shedding, intelligent and clean pups that will mature from 50 to 65 lbs. These pups have never been allowed to lick or put their feet on me when I am standing. Sitting is their invitation to crawl into my lap for love and pets. These are very well handled pups that will turn into awesome dogs!

She has only two females left to choose from (pictured with pink octopus and yellow ring/rope toy). Both are curly coated. They will grow into non shedding, intelligent, clean and loyal dogs.

These pups will be ready to go the 14th of April and they will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed and completely vet checked. They are $900 delivered to main cities in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. For more information call 306 792-2113 or use the contact page to get in touch with me.


Today was picture update day for Darby’s pups, there are now only two females and three males available. All seven that are spoken for are staying in Saskatchewan, that is a first as most of my pups have been going to Alberta. They are eating from a dish now and just starting to sample the dry food.

Darby is still milking pretty heavy so these characters eat, sleep, pee, poop and play….oh, to be a dog! The pups start leaving for their new homes mid April, one is staying until the end of April until her new home is ready for her.

For more information on these cuties call 306 792-2113 or use the contact page to get in touch with me.


This barrel of monkeys are Darby and Einstein’s last three male pups, F1B Golden Doodles, born Feb. 17th, 2012. They are the smallest of the males, the three big guys are already spoken for. They have cut their teeth and are now eating out of a dish and refusing the bottle. So between Darby and the food going through the blender we are well on our way.

These are exceptionally well handled pups, even for me who plays with them every day, as they have been bottle supplemented around the clock for a month. The ones who have names are already responding to their names, these are Cracker Jack smart pups that will be a joy to own and you will be proud to be seen with. In my opinion Darby is my best F1 Golden Doodle for confirmation and temperament and it shows on this litter!  Check out her available females below!

These guys are $900 delivered to major cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. They are two year health guaranteed, will be dewormed and have two sets of boosters….and they come with lots of instructions. I stick by my pups and my buyers, I am only an e-mail or phone call away. I have worked hard to get to where I am with my Doodles and have kept my price fair. Once the new Chocolate Standard Poodle, Cesar, comes into play with my breeding program I will be raising my price. My vet and dog food prices have gone up and I have absorbed that cost so fair is fair.

There are now only three F1B Golden Doodle females available from Darby and Einstein’s Feb. 17th litter. These bright eyed little beauties were very hard to take pictures of today… all they wanted to do was play with their toys and try to run off the bales into my arms.

They are now eating from a dish supplemented by Darby. They have refused the bottle, they just want to chew the nipple now. Paw massages and gum rubs are their favorite things to have done to them these days, they are climbing out of the whelping box to go pee and poop where Darby goes now, so they will be easy to housetrain. If one of these girls interests you please let me know and I will send all the pictures I took today of that particular pup (tell me what stuffy is in the picture with it so I can use that as my reference).


These are the 7 pups left available in Darby’s litter. The individual pictures were taken March 12, 2012. The pups are just cutting teeth now so next week will start on a dish, it is a good thing they have a mum so willing to lick the remains off as this can be a pretty messy business for the first week. If you would like pictures of any certain pup please refer to it by the stuffy or toy it has with it and I will gladly send you more pictures of that pup. I try to update pictures weekly, pictures of pups that are spoken for go only to their new family.

The bottle feeding and whelping pen pictures were taken March 13, 2012, yukking it up with Grammie in the whelping box. Next week we go on to a dish and that is always fun because it takes a few walks through the dish to figure out that only our mouth is supposed to go in. Then we manage to get it all over Grammie! Mum loves to come and clean us up but Grammie is on her own!


This is what our little sparkle-eyed beauties look like now. They were born Feb. 17th from Darby and Einstein. and will be ready to go to their new homes after the middle of April. These are extremely well handled pups as I am bottle supplementing so am sitting in their whelping box several times a day. Dew claws are removed, nails have been done once a week (I clip off the little hook so they don’t scratch Darby and this teaches them to be good about nail clipping when they are older). They will have two sets of inoculations and come with lots of instruction on future boosters. They come with a 2 kg. bag and a can of the food they will be on. This gives the new family the option to slowly change to the brand of their choice or remain with what they will be eating when they are old enough. The price for my F1B pups is $900 and also includes delivery to major cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

If you see a puppy you are interested in please let me know (refer to it by the stuffy or toy that is with it) and I will send you more pictures of that puppy.


These were taken on the morning of March 2nd’s bottle supplementing, each pup has it’s own picture. They are 13 days old here (born Feb. 17th). Their eyes are open now, they will be ready to go mid April. These are Darby and Einstein‘s pups making them F1B Golden Doodles. If you would like to see a picture of Darby and Einstein click on the links on their names above. I am the most reasonably priced Doodle breeder out there with any kind of lineage and two year health guarantee. F1B pups are $900 delivered safely into your arms near major cities in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. I have purchased a registered Chocolate Standard Poodle named ‘Irving’s Travelin Cesar’ (after Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer). Once he comes into play in my breeding program the price of my pups is going to go up. Vet charges and dog food have both gradually climbed and I have absorbed the cost, I have actually had people asking why my pups are so much cheaper than other breeders so maybe it is time to narrow the gap.

It has become very time consuming to take pictures and send them individually to people on my waiting list that never get back to me, so if I do not hear from you then you will automatically be deleted from the list and I will then only update serious buyers. I am sometimes dealing with 20 plus buyers at any one time and wish to give the serious buyers quality time.

I am going to start advertizing them next week in the paper and as soon as I get some computer time they will go on line. So if you are interested in a puppy please let me know. I also have F1 and F1B Labra Doodles that will be ready mid to the end of April. If you would like a list of what is still available or pictures please let me know and I will gladly send you any information you require.


This is what is keeping me out of trouble for the next month…. Darby (and I) had 12 hours of labor Friday February 17th. The result was a whopping 13 F1B Golden Doodle pups from Einstein. So bottle supplementing to help her out is the order of the day every two to three hours around the clock. She is really tired, as you can see in some of the pictures. So am I, which is why you only see my hands in the pictures! She takes her break when I am looking after the ‘kids’. Pup #9 and #10 tried to exit at the same time resulting in some pretty heavy duty labor for over an hour. They came out looking like two long sausages but within minutes were plumping up and looking for something to eat. There are 6 females and 7 males, so the pictures with 7 pups are the males. The picture of all of them is not an easy feat, they jockey for position and squirm around and this is literally a ‘dog pile’.

These are amazing little things: blind, ears closed, only their nose to go by and they find a tit and latch on…. heaven is sitting in a whelping box with pups to cuddle. All is well, everyone has a stong suck reflex and latch on to the bottle right away when I supplement. They know my smell now and nuzzle my coveralls looking for their bottle. Such amazing little animals, blind and deaf for the first two weeks of their life and yet so incredibly smart. This proves to me how strong their sense of smell is when they can squirm under the mums belly and latch on strictly from smell.

These pups are $900. That price includes delivery to major cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Dew claws have been removed, they will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed and come with a 2 kg. bag plus a “breakfast” can of the food they are used to. This gives the new family the option to slowly switch to the brand of their choice.

Please decide wisely when purchasing a puppy as it will live with your family for about 15 years.