This is Kali. She is one of Dory and Einsteins pups from this year’s litter. She has recently gone to her forever home, and her owners wrote to tell us:

We are doing really well. Kali is a pure joy, a real gift. She is house trained, kennel trained, can sit, stay, doesn’t lick (most of the time otherwise we correct her as you showed us), and currently we are leash training her. That’s a lot for a pup of 11.5 weeks- but she’s doing so well as you gave her such a great start (thank you), consistency on our part, and the wonderful cd’s that we borrowed from the library- Caesar Milan’s “how to raise the perfect puppy”. I feel like I went to doggy school after listening to 6 hours of it but it was well worth it and something I’d recommend. Everyone who meets Kali can’t believe she’s such a young puppy because she’s such a good girl. Both my boys are learning to be the Alpha and not a puppy sibling, if you know what I mean, and are doing very very well. Lastly I’ll include a photo of her. Best wishes to all your future litters!