This is another happy puppy owner. This is one of Hannah and Einstein’s males from their February 14, 2012 litter. They sure picked the right name for this guy, he was such a happy pup it almost seemed like he was laughing! His owners told us:

We are getting all settled in as new puppy owners, Sunny is a wonderful pup! It helps a lot that my husband has him with him Monday to Friday. He walks Sunny many times a day and they are fast friends. I get to be part of the clan in the evenings and on weekends. I am getting much more walking too, which is exceptionally good for me!
Sunny is quick to learn, he is relatively good to heel, we give lots of positive reinforcement.

I will confess, the first week was tough. We loved the days, but didn’t get much sleep for the first 7 or so nights. We were bordering on collapse when he suddenly started liking the crate downstairs and slept through the night. He’s very good at house-training, seldom had an accident. We have found a good vet clinic. My huband knows one of the vets there, as well as one of the vet techs. Everyone is drawn to Sunny, he is so cute and his nice manners make him a lot of friends.

He has met one of our grand-puppies (the F1B labradoodle) and will meet the other one (a beautiful aging Rottie) today. Our families think he is great, so we should always have lots of help with him if needed. It sounds like you are incredibly busy with all those new pups, did you find homes for all the previous ones? Here are a couple of pics to show you how he has grown (bunny included for perspective). We tell everyone who asks that we got him from an “amazing breeder” in Saskatchewan.

Thanks for such a lovely dog Margaret-Ann. Take good care, we’ll send more photos as we remember to take them…