Gabby is one of Darby and Einstein‘s pups from her spring litter. Gabby is doing great with a loving family to dote on her. They wrote to let us know:

Gabby is doing fantastic. We start puppy school in July. But she already sits, lays, rolls over, and sometimes stays. When we walk she sits at every curb before we cross. I am starting to run with her which I thought would wear her out but it seems to energize her! She kennels at night and doesn’t make a peep until we get up. She is very good with the kids. She knows not to nip but she loves to chew. She does dig a little but not too bad. We tend to fill in the hole and she doesn’t bother it (for a while anyway). She has lots of toys and she knows which are hers and which are the kids. When she wants some attention she’ll grab one of the kids toys! She really is a joy and she’s gorgeous to boot. The vet said she was a “rock star” dog. What can I say. Thanks again for a wonderful puppy!