This fellow is named Brian.  His family wanted us to know:

I thought it was time for me to tell you about our sweet, adorable, precious and adventurous Brian. I have absolutely fallen for him!!! First of all thanks so much for your kind words, you made blush!! So, let me tell you about our puppy.

He is doing very, very well. We started crate training him from the first night he came home. Adam slept in the downstairs livingroom to keep Brian company so he would not feel too lonely. It was priceless to see Brian in his crate and Adam on the sofa, both sound asleep. I played nature sounds music to Brian for the first two weeks so that he could feel as though he was back at the farm! We still leave the radio on for him at night, and a fan! He gets pretty hot.

Marcel started walking him on a leash right away, he fought a bit for the first 2 days and then he was doing just fine! Let me tell you he’s a good student. Very, very smart, learns quickly and tries to get away with stuff with me and Adam, but he knows Marcel won’t let him get away at all, he, he. He loves his crate, he willingly goes in at night and whenever we have to step out for short periods of time. He is eating and growing very, very well. He truly is another blessing in our house. I still say to myself, is this for real? He is such a good puppy. I do have to credit much to you Dear Margaret-Ann, you did such a great job in raising him the first 2 months that for us, it was a continuation from where you left off.

We have been to Drumheller with him and last week we went to Jasper! He gets car sick during the first hour of the trip, then he’s fine. He loves riding in the front seat with me as he gets to sit on my lap and loves the wind blowing on his face. He would make a perfect “Loreal” hair commercial, ha, ha, ha.

Potty training is going well, he is on schedule and also barks from his cage at 6am to let us know that he has to go bathroom. He is amazing, he barks when he has to go bathroom now. We’ve had accidents of course, but it just keeps getting better. We will be getting our landscaping done in a couple of weeks!! can’t wait! Now that the 3 weeks have passed since his last shot, we take him to the pond. We exercise him 2 or more times per day. He is so much fun and is a great companion to Adam. We absolutely love this little fellow, he is playful, very lovable, cute as a a button and very loyal. When Marcel and I get home from work, he is the first one to come running and say hello, what a gift that is, to see how happy and excited he is to see us. He does not lick, which is great, Thanks MA for teaching him well!

He is growing so fast! We took him to a doggie park this past week for the first time and he had a ball! He jumped in the water with 2 other dogs, but as quickly as he jumped in he came out! Water was a bit too cold for him, I guess. Marcel gives hims baths in lukewarm water. He loves to sleep right in front of the fan, so cute! I am attaching a few more photos so that you can see for yourself how much he’s grown already.

We are such proud parents! Anyone that sees him comments on how beautiful and cute he is! The best part, HE IS 1,000% hypoallergenic, I can say no shedding or very little, even when we brush him, there’s hardly any hair on the brush!!! I could not believe it, we don’t have hair in the furniture, or our clothes, we mostly end up with paw prints from the dirt that very quickly gets stuck on Brian’s paws when he goes for his walks, ha, ha, which is quite alright, they are marks of love all over our clothes from all the affection we get from our Brian.

Thank you so much MA for our Brian, he adds so much to our family. Whenever I talk to people I tell them about you and the fantastic job you do with your puppies. I did not want a puppy, and now I say, how did I live all these years without one! Brian has also been good for my health, he calms me right down, he makes me feel loved, happy and relaxed whenever I pet him, I get a sense of peace and love, ahhhhh, can you tell how much I love this little fellow. Adam keeps saying “Mom can you believe how lucky we are! he’s is adorable!” Well, dear MA, I best get going now, I thought I would write a paragraph or two, and ended up writing a long letter!! That’s me, I can’t stop once I get started. We will write you again and will send you more photos of Brian, now it’s our turn to keep you posted, he, he.