Irving’s Travelin’ Cesar is the registered name of this awesome specimen of a Chocolate Standard Poodle….named after a man I admire ‘Cesar Milan’! This big guy just flows, he has flawless confirmation from head to toe and a gentle sweetheart personality to go with it.

His sire is Bellefleet Travelin’ Soldier and his dam is Bemine’s Someday Girl N Sanvar, both are Chocolate. We are getting ready to produce some of the best Chocolate Doodles in the country. I have three English Chocolate Labs that will be old enough to breed in the spring and two Golden Retrievers that are going to be bred to him also….so look for some well bred Doodles from Fur Fettish Farm next year.

Cesar is 1-1/2 now and has produced only one litter of pups so far, from Danni (F1 Labra Doodle). Eleven puppies and every one black….black is only a color as is Chocolate, his pups are already showing his great looks and personality. He is lanky looking now, like a teenager filling out. He is graceful, well coordinated and has great confirmation….he will definitely be bigger than either Einstein or Pluto. He will be breeding daughters from both of them next year to produce some outstanding F1B Doodles….so watch this site in the spring or contact me for an update of who he may be ‘camping out’ with next.

F1B Labra Doodle Litter (Danni) – Born September 8, 2012

All Danni’s puppies have now been SOLD!

These are Danni’s last two female F1B Labra Doodle puppies, and they are the last, Danni is now retired. In my eyes she is the best F1 Labra Doodle I have ever raised and kept back for breeding! She is so loyal that I can not place her into a forever home, she has to stay with me….she is faithfully at my side when she could be playing with the other dogs or just laying in the shade. If I come in the house she is with Mudflap, the cow dog chasing gophers or holding down the deck while having a nap but if she hears the door open she is right back to supervise my every move.

I have been leash training her last two daughters, for training purposes they are named Andi and Sadi, they have been separated now and get a minimum of 15 minutes of training every day while I am outside. They are excellent at staying in the proper ‘heel’ position and sit on command, they have almost mastered ‘sit’ as soon as I stop, then they wait for the heel command to move forward. We are working on ‘stay’ and I can circle them and get back into position to proceed with ‘heel’. We walk through all the kennel area and they are quickly learning to pay attention to me, not the other dogs.

These girls have three sets of boosters, have been dewormed three times, are well handled, feet and nails are a breeze….all they need now is a forever home. They are non shedding and will require clipping at least twice a year, I do them in Schnauzer clip with a moustache and they are adorable but there are several options in clipping, one recently hit the news clipped as a Lion.

Due to surgery, and complications afterwards, that limited my ‘sitting at the computer time’ this litter didn’t get advertized as they usually are, so Andi and Sadi are now 5 months old, BUT if someone is a working family that needs to crate the pup while they are away at work, and doesn’t have time to drag an 8 week old puppy around or wipe up numerous pees before it catches on to going outside….then this really is an option. Andi and Sadi are old enough to hold their pee and poop all night, so no getting up in the night to take them out, they are old enough to stay in a crate while you are away at work…..and they will be the welcome home when you arrive from work.

If you procrastinate on going for a walk, one of these girls would gladly accompany you and walk properly beside you. They look shaggy right now because they play in the snow and just have a blast…..there is no way to brush them out when they are wet…they, however, will be bathed and brushed before they meet you.

I am asking $700 for these pups. I am not making any profit on these girls as I have already put a lot of time and money into them, but I need to lighten my work load and they need their own family to love. If these girls turn out to be half the dog their mother is then you will have a winner and I see so much potential here for outstanding dogs. Everyone that has purchased a pup from this litter is thrilled with their puppy, this was a big litter of 11 pups, so nine have already gone on to be a valuable member of their new forever family. I have lots of references and the price of the puppy includes delivery.

Call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page for more pictures and information.


Danni and Cesar had a whopping 11 pups on Sept. 8th. and 7 have gone to their forever homes, their new owners are raving about how super smart they are, loyal and clean and non shedding….what more could you want in a pup. These girls will grow into the best of the best!

They have had three sets of boosters, have been dewormed three times and dew claws are removed. They stand well for grooming and are excellent about having their feet handled and nails done. I will have to admit that because of some health issues I have not been right on top of getting these girls advertized over the holidays but that is alright, they will get into the forever home and it will be the right one when it happens.

I have started training, now I need to think up four names for them for training purposes….today they put the smaller sled harness on and tried to be like their Dad. He has been pulling straw bales around for me and has brought several loads of wood from the hay shed to the wood shed…he doesn’t quite have it mastered but is a quick learner so it won’t be long and we will be ‘mushing through the snow. It is funny to watch him sit down and look around at himself as if to check to make sure he hasn’t turned into a Husky, then he looks at me as if to say….”I am a Poodle, Margaret-Ann, what is your problem!”

These pups are $900, that price includes delivery. As I put more training into them I am going to raise the price. There are a lot of people that prefer an older pup that is well started and ready to sleep through the night. These pups have had access to a crate with the door off since they were 5 weeks old, so have no fear of a crate. They are trained to pee and poop in one area and now know how to use a dog door, so house and crate training will be fast. All they need now is their own family to love. Call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page for more pictures and information.


Danni and Cesar now have four F1B Labra Doodle females and one male left to choose from, they are all curly coated, non shedding and have sweetheart temperaments. The father is Cesar, a lanky, well put together Chocolate Standard Poodle….this is his first litter, and Danni’s last, so this cross will never be available again. In my eyes Danni is the best F1 Labra Doodle I have raised to date and she has produced some awesome pups from Einstein….this litter will be equally as good if not better.

They are well handled, old enough to sleep through the night, they were born Sept 8th. so are now 3 1/2 months old, just right to start some serious training. They have been sleeping in a crate with the door off, so crate training will be a snap and they are already trained to pee and poop in one small area of their pen, so housetraining will be a breeze.

These pups have had three sets of boosters so are now Parvo proof and ready to go anywhere you would like to take them. Dew claws are off, they have had the little ends nipped off their nails weekly and paw massages, so they are very good about having their feet handled (which will pay off when clipping time comes around in the spring).

They will be completely non shedding so if you have allergies in your family this is the route to go.


Danni and Cesar’s pups are happy, healthy and ready for their new families. They will have their second set of boosters and vet check this Friday and will be old enough to start leaving this Sunday. These are Danni’s last pups and Cesar’s first, they will be non shedding, mature at between 50 and 70 lbs. depending on the puppy, these will be taller than most of my Doodles have been, Cesar is 23 inches at the wither.

Both Danni and Cesar are mild tempered, gentle with children and other animals, clean and very loyal. Here on Fur Fettish Farm the dogs get daily runs and are allowed into the horse pasture, which also contains a Llama and an Alpaca and two Miniature Donkeys, everyone here knows the rules and everyone gets along.

I am sad to be retiring Danni, but she has done her part in my breeding program and is now going to be a yard dog and backup gopher hunting companion for the cow dog ‘Mudflap’. In my eyes Danni is the best Labra Doodle I have ever produced so my breeding program is striving to match or surpass that mark.

For more pictures of any certain pup please refer to it by the stuffy or toy that accompanies it in the pictures. You can call me at 306 792-2113 or on my cell 306 521-1371 and I would be more than happy to ‘talk dog’ with you. I strive to help put the right dog into the right home, even if you do not buy a dog from me I will try to help you make an informed decision and make you aware of how to keep your dog safe via boosters and a proper deworming program.


Danni (F1 Labra Doodle) has had her last litter of puppies, born Sept. 8th,2012. This is also Cesar‘s first litter, he is the new kid on the block, a Registered Chocolate Standard Poodle with bloodlines to be very envious of… I can not believe my good fortune to own two such well bred and awesome dogs as Danni and Cesar (named for Cesar Milan The Dog Whisperer). Danni will be spayed and retire here on Fur Fettish Farm….she is a keeper right to the end.

This pair produced 11 awesome pups, not a runt or poor quality pup amongst them….I am truly impressed! We have 6 females and 5 males, from straighter coats to curly…. this is the first and last time for this cross, Danni has done her part and Cesar is just starting to dazzle us with what he can do.

I will not even try to tell you these will be small pups, Danni has solid English Lab in her bloodlines and Cesar is a lanky, very well put together Standard Poodle who at 1-1/2 is still filling out. He is like a teenage boy trying to figure out his manliness and is just a comic in personality, eager to please and well behaved, gentle, kind with other dogs…. I can’t say enough good about this fellow. With the grandfather being Pluto, the grandmother being Kimberly, a Registered English Lab, we have a win win situation here…. if these pups would have been born Chocolate they would have demanded more money but the black genetics won out and all eleven are pitch black! In my eyes Danni is the best F1 Labra Doodle I have ever produced and I am sad that this is her last litter but I do not over breed my dogs so she is going to become a deck ornament, and back up gopher hunting companion for Mudflap, the cow dog, for the rest of her years.

If you have been thinking it is time to add an F1B Labra Doodle to your household do not pass this litter up. I will hold a puppy for you if you are not ready until later this year, and when pups stay here past their 8 weeks they are well handled and taught manners while they wait to go to their forever home. Please choose wisely, I pride myself in putting the right pup into the right forever home the first time every time. I am here to advise you and help you make your puppy into the pride of your neighborhood.

For more information or pictures of a certain pup that catches your eye, or pictures of the parents or grandparents please call 306 792-2113 or 306 521-1371 or browse our web site until you find what you need!

Hunter & Chase

We received some new pictures and this update from Hunter & Chase:

Chase is now 6 months old and is doing wonderfully well. He follows his big brother Hunter wherever he goes. He weighs in at 46 pounds and his body is starting to catch up to his legs. He had his first clip a few weeks ago and stole the heart of his groomer. His legs and face are starting to show the brindle. He is so loveable and cuddly and has the funniest personality. He loves the snow, going for walks and Hunter has taught him the finer points of treeing squirrels! As he was born at the lake, we are anxious to see how he likes camping this summer.  The 3 photos were taken just before Christmas.


This post has been renamed to now include Hunter’s new little brother, Chase! Chase is one of Dory and Cesar’s July 9th. Red Lodge Park pups. Here is the latest from Hunter and Chase’s family:

Chase has settled in very well. He seems to think he is a big boy like his brother and they are forever running and play fighting. Hunter now gets down to his level to play and I no longer worry about how rough they are with each other. There’s the occasional yelp, but so far no blood or missing fur. He’s fully crate trained and puts himself to bed when Hunter heads down the hall around 9. He is coming around to the leash and stays by Hunter when we take them for their morning walk. He has the longest legs!

He goes to the door when he needs out to do his business and uses the same spot all the time. No concerns at all with him other than he would eat continually if we let him.


Hunter’s family sent us a few new pictures. He is getting a little brother out of Dory and Cesar’s pups….they have the same grandfather…Pluto. They told us:

Hunter has become quite the camper. He loves the water and dives for rocks in the lake. He’s now a year and a half old, and full of pee and vinegar. He weighs in at 65 pounds and when not at the lake, he loves his long walks and chasing squirrels. He came face to face with a coyote in the spring and desperately wanted to play with it.

He butts everything with his nose when he wants attention….arms,legs, other dogs. We met another owner of one of your doodles and discovered their guy does the nose butt thing as well!

We get tons of compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. He can be intelligent, comical and puppy-brained all at the same time.


Hunter is one of Dezi and Einstein’s pups from their May 4, 2012 litter. He is a real beauty! His owners filled us in on his status:

Hunter is doing well. He’s growing in leaps and bounds and weighs in at just over 30 pounds. He will finish his 1st round of puppy school tomorrow and is doing very well with sit, down and recall. We can hardly wait to start him in agility classes as he is already quite the jumper and speed demon. He’s met his match during playtime with a female Brittany Spaniel. It is amazing watching those 2 run and play. He’s very sociable with other dogs and loves people.

He can be very dominate towards me at times and wants to mouth on hands, but he is learning that it isn’t acceptable behaviour.

He loves his daily walks and handles the 1 hour jaunts very well. He’s chased a few rabbits, is fascinated by squirrels but detests seagulls. Everywhere he goes, he’s complimented on how handsome he is and how big he is for only being 5 months old. He adores our 4 grandsons. We’ve had a few knock downs, but all in all he’s very good with them.



Meet Lilou! She is from Dory and Einstein‘s Feb. 24, 2012 litter. She lives in Alberta now, and her happy owners told us:

I just wanted to share some pictures with you of Lilou. We have tried many different methods to tucker this little girl out but she is still a ball of energy! Last week we took her on her first bike ride…there were some near misses but we all survived unharmed and I think she really likes it. It is so much fun to watch her run as fast as she can with the wind whipping through her hair. What she likes most though is climbing mountains…she has climbed 3 so far this summer. We just went on a hike with her yesterday, she does great pulling me up the hill when I get tired lol, and even when we let her off leash she doesn’t go to far from us and always comes back to check that we are alright. I’m not sure if she has much growing left to do, but we are both thrilled with how she turned out! The only issue we are having with her is teaching her to come when she is called. When we are in the house we practice getting her to sit and stay and then call her from other rooms and she is really good with that. We do have neighbours with dogs next door though and there have been a few occasions where she has gotten out to the front yard and then it takes some hard work to coax her back to the house. If you have any tips that would be greatly appreciated.


Angus is at it again! Now this is something…Angus and his walking pack….what a great way to socialize your dog. His owners told us:

Angus weighs in between 45-50 lbs. He doesn’t shed. When we brush him of course hair comes out, but other than that it’s pretty nil. He is the most loving creature we have ever encountered. He loves children. Loves cuddling. I’m glad to hear Dixie is loving life too.


Angus Video 02

Click on the picture to check out the video that Angus’s owners sent us!


The owners of Angus sent us this great Christmas card!


Angus Plays Ball!

The link above is a video clip of Angus, one of Dixie and Einstein‘s Oct. 2011 pups…. this is pretty cute, he hides his own ball in the mat!


Duncan is one of my pups that stayed a little longer and I trained him, that is the way I am going to start going as I now have a list of people wanting a wells started dog. This is really what I should be doing for a living, starting dogs, but am a little crippled up for this although I love doing it. There is one kid missing out of this family picture, a little girl about three. This whole family met me to pick Duncan up, and I showed the kids how to handle him….looks like it was a success story.


Here is an updated picture of Duncan. My goodness what a beautiful dog….this is what keeps me going.


This is one of the May 4th F1B Golden Doodles with 5 of his 6 kids. I met the whole family when Duncan went to his new home at Meadow Lake…. this will certainly be a well loved puppy! His owners wrote:

This is Duncan with 5 of 6 kiddos, the youngest didn’t want to leave her snack for the photo! He had an awesome day today, went for a walk and did A LOT of running and playing fetch in the yard. He is just settling in for a nap now!