Duncan is one of my pups that stayed a little longer and I trained him, that is the way I am going to start going as I now have a list of people wanting a wells started dog. This is really what I should be doing for a living, starting dogs, but am a little crippled up for this although I love doing it. There is one kid missing out of this family picture, a little girl about three. This whole family met me to pick Duncan up, and I showed the kids how to handle him….looks like it was a success story.


Here is an updated picture of Duncan. My goodness what a beautiful dog….this is what keeps me going.


This is one of the May 4th F1B Golden Doodles with 5 of his 6 kids. I met the whole family when Duncan went to his new home at Meadow Lake…. this will certainly be a well loved puppy! His owners wrote:

This is Duncan with 5 of 6 kiddos, the youngest didn’t want to leave her snack for the photo! He had an awesome day today, went for a walk and did A LOT of running and playing fetch in the yard. He is just settling in for a nap now!