These are the things that keep me going, when people like Andrea send me pictures and stories about how their pup has turned out! Corona lives in Calgary and Andrea had begged for a dog for a few years before the parents gave in…and now it is the parents that spoil her. Another happy owner!!! She wrote:

Yes, she’s spoiled mostly because of my parents but she’s a very happy dog-I hope she gets bigger!!


This little beauty is Corona…she is from Dezi and Einstein‘s May 4th. 2012 litter….what a smart little cutie she is turning out to be!!! I love it when I hear from my buyers about how my pups are doing in their new environment! Her new owner wrote to tell us:

I haven’t sent you any pictures because she had a bad haircut haha and it took forever to grow back, it’s still growing I will send you more!! She is the happiest dog I have ever seen and extremely smart .. By 3.5 months she knew sit stay down rollover shake a paw, other paw now she knows play dead and more I think. She is amazing…best decision ever!!


Meet Deeva, the smiling F1 Labra Doodle. This girl was born here on Fur Fettish Farm on August 26, 2012. Her mother is Amber, an outstanding Chocolate English Labrador Retriever. Her father is Pluto, a now retired black Standard Poodle who is still with us, and at 12 1/2 years old is solid as a rock.

Deeva is a bit of a clown, she literally smiles, pulling her gums back and showing off her pearly whites. Her mature weight is about 65 lbs. She has a very nice flat English Retriever head and wide chest with good spring of rib. Her temperate is very much Lab, laid back and extremely loyal.

She is pregnant with her second litter of pups, due mid April 2016. She was bred to Einstein, who has produced many great Golden and Labra Doodles over the years.


Deeva, daughter of Amber and Einstein, is wishing everyone that visits our web site, a Merry Christmas….this girl just keeps looking better, I can hardly wait for 2014 when she and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) have their first pups. This is what keeps me ticking! I will be 65 this month and am hoping my old body holds together until I am 70 (for my dogs sakes) and then I will have to rethink my breeding program….until then I intend on producing some beautiful pups that will go on to become an important part of many homes! Merry Christmas from me, Margaret-Ann, and all my critters!


Check me out guys and keep an eye on this website in two years when I have my first birth announcement! I am from Amber and Einstein, I was born on August 26th. 2012, my Grandmother is Abbey and my Grandfather is Trump….all are English Labrador Retreivers, so I have a nice flat head, perfect eye and ear set and a nice barrel chest. My Dad, Einstein, is a registered Standard Poodle, he is apricot and has sired some of the best Doodle pups in Canada. I am destined to be bred to Cesar, a registered Chocolate Standard Poodle, when I am two….the results should be pretty outstanding. I am a very gentle, eager to please little girl that learns quickly…I have very good manners as that is the rule here on Fur Fettish Farm. Pictures of me will be updated as I get older, I am going to be a beauty….Margaret-Ann keeps telling me that and I am trying not to let it go to my head!