Willow Ann

This is Willow Ann with her new baby, Mason. What a beautiful picture. Her family sent more pictures along as well and wrote:

We are the happiest. She is the best dog ever. She’s now 2 yrs old and weighs 40lbs even. She’s an amazing swimmer and runner and biker and fetcher. And when I say biker I mean she runs beside me in the bike. She can heel and walks everywhere with no leash. This is a recent achievement that we’ve worked hard toward. She can spot a squirrel or chipmunk and knows not to chase. I’d be tempted to get another one from you but we just had a baby boy. She’s amazing with him too.


This is Willow Ann (with special guest Jersey), full sisters born May 4th. from Daisy and Einstein…they both live in Saskatoon and the owners know each other so the dogs get a romp in the park together…now how cool is that? I totally enjoy it when my buyers send pictures once in a while so I can see how my pups are turning out and I can see these two are just fine! Her owners let us know:

See the pictures of Willow below – also, the ones with the black dog are Alicia’s dog Jersey – we randomly met at the Dog Park – Willow and Jersey loved each other! Hope you’re having a very Merry Christmas Season!