This is one of Danni and Cesar‘s pups, so this is Cesar’s first litter (and Danni’s last). These people have done an amazing job with this pup….they had never had a dog before, and listened to all my advise, read books, watched videos….I truly wish every pup owner would be this responsible. The end result here will be a wonderful dog that they can, and will, be proud of. That in turn makes me proud to be the breeder! Her owners wrote:

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

We are very pleased with Maxi, she has grown on everyone in the family. She is a quick learner and loves people.

On our first vet visit, the vet commented “the breeder knows what she’s doing”.

She did whine at night when her kennel was in a different part of the house. The “fix” for us was to move the kennel where she could see the stairs leading up to the bedrooms. She distinguishes her play with all our girls. She’ll lay down for our 5 year old to be petted or brushed, she responds to our 7 year olds commands/tricks in no time and horse plays with our 10 year olds accordingly. In the new year we plan but to begin classes with her (although she picks up on stuff in no time).

She has never pooed in the house, by the third day she was ringing the bell to go outside. However, now with the coming and going of new people during the holidays, she now gets excited and urinates when she meets someone new (otherwise she urinates outside).

We are all really pleased with her, and to date have not noticed any shedding.