Diogie is one of Debbie and Einstein‘s August 2012 female pups. I have one left from this litter, she looks just like Diogie but a little darker apricot. Diogie’s owners let us know:

Sorry it took me so long to get a photo to you, but it was incredibly hard to coordinate a pose with the two of them.. lol.. Finally we gave up and caught them at rest.

They are having a blast together… once Charlie came to terms with the fact that she is to be a permanent addition to the family that is…

We have decided to call her Diogie (D.O.G.), a name that the kids had picked out about a year ago when we started talking about a second pup, that we decided would suit her funny little personality just fine. She has such a sweet, funny disposition we couldn’t be more pleased. And to top it off she has taught our lazy Charlie how to play again.

She has never had an accident inside the house, sleeps quite soundly in her kennel (we took your advise to heart) and took to her leash and harness on her very first walk. When we saw her on your site, we knew she was the puppy we had been looking for and luckily for us, she seems to agree!