F1 Golden Doodle Litter (Kloe) – Born December 17, 2012

All Kloe’s puppies have now been SOLD!

There are now only two pups available from Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle). This litter of 9 pups were born Dec. 17th. and are now ready to go to their forever homes. Both pups are loose curly coated, shiny black coats that will be minimal to non shedding. These are very well handled pups, nails have been nipped weekly and paw massages are done daily at play time, dew claws are removed. These boys have been dewormed twice, had two sets of boosters and come with lots of instructions on when the third set is due and when they are safe to be socialized with other dogs. They are vet checked. Kloe has now weaned them, they eat dry puppy food and get canned added for breakfast only. Each is developing their character now, they are gentle temperament and have great manners. They have not been allowed to put their feet up on me when I am standing, sit down is play time. No mouthing or tugging on clothes has been tolerated so they have the best start a puppy can get. The price is included in delivery if both boys are on the same load, or we can arrange to meet part way. If you are considering adding a Doodle to your home this is the buy of the year….my pups will not remain this low. They were lowered due to health issues on my part but I have now found some part time help so the following litters will be priced accordingly. To see what the critters and I are all about browse through my web page or call 204 845-2355.


Kloe and Cesar now have only 4 male pups left for adoption out of their litter of 9, the females and smallest male are now spoken for. These pups were born Dec. 17th. and will be ready for delivery Feb. 11th., the price of the pup includes delivery safely from my arms to yours. These are well handled, happy little characters that are going to be minimal to non shedding (this means that if they do shed it will be minimal, not shedding like a Retriever), usually they don’t shed at all but I have to be honest about how I portray my pups. This is a 15 year commitment and I want my buyers to think about what they are doing….a happy buyer will mean a happy pup that will grow into a dog you will be proud to own.

Dew claws are off, they will have two sets of boosters before leaving me, and lots of instructions on when the next set is due, when they are safe to associate with other dogs, and when to neuter (my opinion). They will be dewormed twice by the time they are ready to go. They climb out of their heated whelping box and all go to the designated poop and pee area now, they are eating canned food twice a day and are helping themselves to the dry puppy food that is free feed….I absolutely do not believe in limiting food for my pups or my dogs.

These will be intelligent, clean, extremely loyal, gentle, easy to train family dogs. They will give you their heart in exchange for room and board.

I am here to advise on health or training questions, I have been doing this for 45 years….the reason these pups are priced at $500 (rather than $700) is I am dealing with personal health issues at this time. They are still 2 year health guaranteed for anything hereditary, I am very selective about the quality of puppies I bring in to this world.

For more information use my contact page or call 306 792-2113 Three of this litter are going to Calgary. Delivery to Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba can be arranged.


Kloe and Cesar now have only males available for adoption…there are four to choose from at the time of this posting…the females are all spoken for with deposits in place. These pups will go quickly at this price, there is not a breeder out there that can touch my genetics at this price…..I do not know how much longer my health is going to allow me to produce what I consider that ‘best of the best’ at the reasonable price I am doing this.

It really has become a ‘buyer beware’ market, I would be happy to explain Mini Doodle procedures and the ethics of breeding dogs to anyone that wants to be aware of what they are getting into…..the buyers need to remember that this is a 15 year commitment…so think about it before you purchase a puppy. There are many breeders out there that are in this for the $$$$ and not for the good of the puppy they produce…think about it people, rather than match the color of the fur with your drapes or carpet, think about the confirmation and temperament of the pup you are choosing because you are going to be living with this choice. To me buying for color alone is like going to a car lot and buying a vehicle because it is red, regardless of the make of the vehicle…Ford or Chevy.

Even though I am fighting health issues, I am a Scot with scruples and I am going to go down fighting for what I believe in. I absolutely will not compromise the integrity of my dogs for size or color!!! A Scot with her Kilt in a knot…..MA


Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Standard Poodle) have F1 Golden Doodle puppies that were born Dec. 17th. 2012 and will be ready to go to their forever families on or after Feb. 11th when they are 8 weeks old. These are beautiful pups with loose curly, silky, soft and shiny black coats that will be minimal to non shedding. When mature the males will be about 55 to 60 lbs. and the females will be about 45 to 55 lbs., so slightly smaller than an English Lab with Lab temperaments, Poodle smarts and a lot less shedding! These pups may brindle in color as they get older, it is impossible to tell at this point in time.

They will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed and vet checked before they leave my arms to yours, they are very well handled….due to some health issues on my part I have reduced the price to $500 which includes delivery, I have not been able to put in enough computer time as sitting is an issue but have spent a lot of time playing with the pups so they are very well handled….they are what keeps me getting out of bed each day.

If you are thinking of adding a Golden Doodle to your family you will not get this quality of pup at this price anywhere else. I am worried that if my health doesn’t improve my breeding program that I have worked literally years to develop will be severely downsized or (horrors) come to an end.

For more information on these pups please call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page to email me.