F1 Labra Doodle Litter (Winnie) – Born March 3, 2013

All Winnie’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Jeff was born March 3rd. from a litter of ten, all ten are deep, rich chocolate. Now that his moustache is growing it is reddish brown, giving him a very wise look. He has beautiful yellow/gold eyes and behind those eyes is a puppy brain that is at work trying to figure out what this becoming a dog is all about. Jeff has three sets of boosters, is vet checked and dewormed, and is well on his way to being a very well leash trained young man.

Jeff will weigh about 70 lbs. when he is grown, he is a solid pup that is starting to stretch up as his legs are growing. He is a well coordinated pup, not a gangly clumsy fellow, he follows right at my side during training, does all the obstacles and boardwalk with ease, we are working on ‘down’, ‘stairs’ and ‘stay’ this week. Yesterday’s reward for Jeff was to spend the day with an older male Retriever, up to this point he has only been in with other pups his age….so for the first time he was not the boss but he assumed his role within minutes and the play was on full tilt. I like my pups to run off some energy before I ask them to concentrate in training sessions so they go from play time to training and then a rest and then they can go play again. Several small training sessions rather than one long one is the answer.

Jeff is now $1,000 as he has a month’s training into him, the price will go up again the end of July as he progresses with obedience. So far Jeff has only one bad habit, I think I need to send him to AA as he can’t hold his licker, I have been getting after him about it but he seems to think he can sneak at least one lick in each session. Other than that, he is coming along right on schedule with everything I am asking him to do. I teach a few new things each week, he ties up very well, does a little barking when I walk away but ignoring it seems to be the answer with him and within 5 minutes he has settled down. Tying is a big part of leash work, it shows the pup that when he comes to the end of the lead that he has to stop….then when he is leashed he is a lot more receptive to obeying the boundary of the leash. My pups do not lead me, they are taught to walk beside me and sit as soon as I stop….Jeff has that totally mastered.

This guy has hunting dog in his background, so he would love to flush some grouse or partridge for you, or even retrieve a duck, next year he will be big enough to retrieve a goose. Jeff would love to have a family that is active, so he can join in on the fun….sitting by a campfire, going to the beach and veg’ing out in the back yard are all on his bucket list.

For further information call 306-792-2113 or text 306-521-1371 or use my contact page. The price of the pup includes delivery to a meeting place close to or in your city.


Jeff was born March 3rd., his mother is Winnie, a solid, well built Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, she weighs 60 lbs. and his dad is Cesar, a Chocolate Standard Poodle that weighs between 50 lbs. and 55 lbs. (depending on whether he is in love or not). Jeff is a pup with quiet mannerisms and a very gentle nature, he has just started his leash work and is one of those pups who looks to me for direction on what I want him to do next, he is quick to respond once he figures out what it is I am asking of him. He has mastered my boardwalk after a little encouragement, he sits almost every time I stop now without prompting. We will start stairs and ‘stay’ next week. Once I start intense training the price, which is $900 now, will increase by $100 a month.

Jeff has never been allowed to jump on me, he has never been allowed to lick or tug on clothing. He has never been on a piece of furniture. He has had access to a crate with the door off, he has now had two full days of being tied to a dog house in the day (this teaches them that when they come to the end of the chain they can go no further….I do not allow pups to lead me, they are taught to stay at my side where they belong).

He has three sets of boosters and has been dewormed three times, his next vet visit should be at 6 months of age for neutering (September), and at that time he need his Rabies booster, and another deworming. For further information call 306-792-2113 or text 306-521-1371 or use my contact page. The price of the pup includes delivery to a meeting place close to or in your city.


Winnie (English Chocolate Lab) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) have only one Chocolate Male pup remaining, Jeff, at $900. This pups was born on March 3rd, so is now 12 weeks old. He has had three sets of boosters and has been dewormed three times. Dew claws have been removed and this pup has been very well handled, he had his first leash session yesterday. He was not impressed at the start but by the time pictures were done and we took a few late afternoon ‘drags’ around the yard he started to get the idea that if he moved his feet he didn’t plough up as much grass and gravel!

Winnie and Cesar’s son is going to be about 60 to 75 lbs. and about 23 to 26 inches at the wither.

The price of the pup includes delivery safely into your arms….I do not ship my pups. For more information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Winnie and Cesar now have only three shaggy coated Chocolate Males available.   They have three sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and are very well handled…. the trick here is manners, manners, manners.   They have not been allowed to lick or put their feet up on me, they come when they are called and are loving, gentle and kind characters, which also describes both parents!   I have been getting rave reviews on both Robyn and Winnie’s pups that are in their forever homes….I am very confidant that these guys will not be here long…They are $900 and that is the delivered price with all the paper work in order.


Winnie and Cesar now have only four male Chocolate F1 Labra Doodle pups available. They were born March 3rd and are just ready to go now. They have had two sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and dew claws are removed. These boys will mature at about 60 to 70 lbs. and be minimal to non shedding. They are all deep, rich chocolate in color and will be wavy to shaggy coated. They will be extremely easy to train as they have brains on both sides of the family as well as loyalty, and gentle temperament being the outstanding quality of the parents. The price of these guys is $900 and that price includes delivery to Central Prairie Provinces….people from further away can meet me part way or fly to Regina or Saskatoon and I will meet you are the airport….sorry but I do not ship my puppies in the Cargo of a plane with nobody to watch out for them. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page for more information. Refer to the pup you are interested in by the toy or stuffy that accompanies it in the picture.


Winnie and her sister Robyn, Chocolate English Labs, have both whelped. Both were bred to Cesar who is my Chocolate Standard Poodle. These pups are all a deep rich Chocolate and the females are already spoken for, and a few of Robyn’s males who are 10 days older. These are jaw dropping beautiful pups, I have waited a long time for them since I do not breed for color but deep inside yearned to produce some Chocolate pups before I retired (I am hoping to go another five years before the program I have going now is complete) I was more than thrilled when we sat in the whelping box and delivered one chocolate pup after another. This is first litter for both girls, who were 2 on Dec. 3rd. 1012, I do not breed my girls before they are two years old as I do not think their head is ready until then (especially Labs) and then I give them a year before they are bred again….most dogs only have 3 litters, some have four, but then they are retired to a farm or acreage home. This has been a long wait and I bought Winnie, Robyn and their sister Tigger when they were pups and watched them mature into gorgeous girls and they have not disappointed me with the quality of pups we have here!

Dew claws are removed before they are 48 hours old, they are dewormed, will have two sets of boosters and a complete vet check before leaving me. I do not ship my puppies so if you work for an airline you will just have to understand that I do not like what happens to puppies in Cargo while waiting for a flight or actually on the flight in cargo hold…..I deliver my pups to most places and place them safely into the arms of their forever family. Delivered price is $900.

Both litters have females but they are now already spoken for. For more information, or pictures of a certain pup, refer to it by the toy in the pictures with it and I will send you all the pictures I have of that particular puppy, I try to update my pictures weekly. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.