Deeka (Pleasing)

Deeka is one Winnie and Cesar March 3rd. pups, I sold her as a trained dog when my health started giving me the gears again. I presently have two litters of seven that are a week old from Cesar and Tigger, so the same breeding as Deeka, and one from Amber and Cesar that are six weeks old now.


Deeka’s new family is enjoying her very much. They sent us a couple pictures and wrote:

Hi Margaret-Ann. Thought I would let you know how Deeka is doing. She is an amazing dog and we couldn’t be happier with her. Our boys absolutely love her. She was pretty timid the first day and I could tell she was missing you. She is settling in really good now and is really starting to be herself. She loves to be outside! We really like how she never barks or jumps up on you. We can’t believe how well behaved she is for a 6 month old dog. She is very smart too…..she is putting her mouth over the door handles and trying to open the doors! Lol. She is doing really good on her walks too. She really likes her new bed and has no problems going to her kennel. Thank you so much for Deeka and all the hard work you put into her before she came to be with us! She is great!!


This is Deeka, she was to be kept back for breeding but I am feeling a little overwhelmed with Bob’s broken Scapula and no backup for help so I offered Deeka up for sale, she is going to Souris, Manitoba on Thursday as a well started dog. I am sorry to see her go, she has everything I am looking for in a breeding female, I do still have Della and Desta for 2015 breeders. I took some pictures of her during training today.


Meet Deeka (Pleasing), Winnie and Cesar’s female (born March 3, 2013) kept back for a breeder in two years, along with her sister Desta (Joy), in hopes that my health will hold, these girls will go on to produce some outstanding F1B Labra Doodle pups in 2015 when they are two… is this kind of anticipation that keeps me going.

If any of you ever get the chance to see the Watoto Children’s Choir from Africa, this will be a life changing event. Such beautiful children, who, through no fault of their own, have been left orphaned by parents with AIDS or that have simply thrown their arms in the air in defeat and walked away from the family, leaving elderly and distraught grandparents to try to raise these hungry children. This is why these pups have the names they do, they are African names, these children have seen hard times like our own (screaming for a toy in Wal Mart) children have never even thought of as a reality of life. I solemnly urge you to go and see these children, that are happy and smiling, even though they know they are soon returning to their continent of despair….they are truly an inspiration!

I am so thrilled with these pups, you can not imagine… will be hard to hand them over to their new homes but that is the name of this game….produce the best quality Labra Doodle pups possible to be a valued member of a family for the next 15 years.