I am getting a lot of glowing reports on my pups, it is what keeps me going. I am slowly downsizing and the plan is to be done breeding Doodles in 3 1/2 years, hopefully I can hang on until then. I have some seriously old dogs here now, some of the foundation males are getting up there but still healthy and happy. Becki-Sue, my old Jack Russell will be 14 in November and is still raising cane with the gopher holes. Boone’s family sent us these pictures and told us:

Has been awhile since I updated you on Boone. I didn’t think we could adore someone as much as we do Boone. What a people person kinda breed. He absolutely loves being with us as much as we love being with him. His favorite activity is going to the dog park and chasing his ball, finding mud puddles and laying in the creek. This summer we introduced him to the pontoon and he LOVES it (as you can see in one of the pictures). We are off to the lake this weekend for more fun on the boat and on the beach.


Here is an update on Boone! This is the first time anyone has sent me pictures of one of my Doodle with a full years coat on him…..holy cow! He will be a year old this month and I am betting he is looking forward to spring and his first hair cut, not so much his little operation that is on the horizon. Looks like he has scored himself a castle with loving servants in it! His family wrote:

As it gets closer to Boone’s one year birthday I thought I should update you on how well this big beautiful boy is doing. The pictures I have attached were taken recently, isn’t he absolutely gorgeous, we love him so much. We have yet to shave him, my family likes the long bushy look but he will be getting shaved for the spring because we have a place out at Katepwa and could be hard to find wood ticks with all this hair.

Anyway about Boone, he is big ball of energy. Loves going for walks and being outside, especially after it snows and my husband shovels. He is so affectionate and loving. We have had no health issues with him. In the next month or two we will be getting him fixed. Our vet told us they like to wait now till they are one year old, something to due with their hips.

Thank you again for this big beauty. After he gets his first haircut I will send pictures.


Some updated pictures of Boone, whose owners wrote:

Thought I would send an updated picture of Boone. He is doing great, a ball of energy and we love him to pieces. He loves the water, can’t keep him out of the sprinkler when I water the grass. Can’t wait to take him to the lake this weekend.


An update from Boone’s owners reads:

Just a little update on Boone. The picture is after running around in the
yard in the snow and now he is having a nap beside me.

He is doing really good. He is doing awesome with the potty training,
hasn’t messed in the house for quite a few days now, helps that I am at
home with him. And he is such a good sleeper and very cuddly at night. The
family absolutely adores him, my sons can’t wait to see how big he is
going to get.


We’ve already received an update from Boone’s happy owners! He seems to be having no trouble adjusting to his new life:

Boone has adjusted very well to his new home. He is loving playing outside in the yard, discovery new things every day. We enjoy him so much. No crying at night and we only have to get up with him once to take him outside. My boys absolutely love him! This weekend he is going on a car ride to our trailer at Katepwa Lake. We are really excited to see him out there this year with all the birds and squirrels.


Boone is from Darby and Cesar‘s litter born Feb. 26, 2013.  His new owners are already in love and told us:

We have only had him for a few hours and we are so in love with Boone.
Thank you again and I will keep you updated with pictures as he grows up.