Rose lives in Regina with her ‘special man’ Troy, I can tell he thinks the world of this dog and the pictures show how much time he spends with her. Awesome report, I am sad that I am getting old and will have to stop my breeding program sometime in the next four years.

Just thought I’d say hi and give you an update on Rose. She is still a fantastic dog and we continue to have great adventures together. Just got her clipped short on Wednesday and here she is yesterday at the Dog park. As you can see she loves the water and the ball. Had a proud owner moment when I took her to the vet in the spring and they told me she was the first that they didn’t have to tell them to lose weight that spring. Thanks again for your fantastic foundation, she is such a great dog, everyone who meets her tells me so.


Rose’s family sent us these pictures and wrote:

Rose and I are both happy and healthy. She is awesome in fact. Very well behaved, doesn’t beg for food or bark incessantly. Se can get a little excited when people that she knows come to visit but she settles down pretty fast. She’s learned a few ‘tricks’ and could learn many more but for her owner, haha. She is a fantastic fetcher and will run after the ball for hours. I’ve had her all over western Canada and she travels very well. Also is an incredible swimmer and is hard to keep her out of the water, especially the dirty creeks that I’d rather her stay out of, haha. She has learned to jump out of the boat and off the dock with and without her life jacket. As always she is still fantastic with her crate, a simple ‘kennel up’ and she goes right there regardless what room we are in. I hope all is well you and your large furry family, best of luck in the new year.
I’ve included a few pictures, I hope you like. As she is black she is not the most photogenic but let me assure you she is a one majestic looking dog.


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Here is a video of Rose showing off some of her tricks! Her owner wrote:

Hi Margaret-Ann, just wanted to give you an update, Rose is still doing fantastic. She just got a hair cut and boy does she look different. She had some matting issues so they cut it real short. She looks real sleek now, can really see her beautiful build. Just wanted to tell you again how happy I am with Rose, she’s just awesome. Everyone that meets her, and she’s met quite a few as I’m a social guy loves her. The groomer was amazed that she had never had been cut before, a testament to your amazing work with your critters.

Here is a video of her playing fetch in the house. She has a real good grasp of fetch in the house. Not as good outside. Drop she has down. And she is definitely getting better at sit.


Rose is from Danni and Cesar‘s litter born Sept. 8, 2012.  Another happy buyer….this is what keeps me going and I sincerely thank the buyers who ‘keep me in the loop’! Rose’s owner contacted us to say:

Hi Margaret-Ann, I figured you might like an update on Rose. She is an incredible pup, and happy as can be. I had her spayed last Friday and so far she is her normal happy self. The Vet office was very impressed with her as she didn’t whimper and whine, the secretary told me she forgot that she was there as she didn’t make a peep after she was put in her Kennel.
Anyways here are a few pictures from our first road trip a few weeks back to Fernie, BC. She thoroughly enjoyed herself as did I. Hope all is well in Fur Fettish land. And the other picture is from yesterday after I let her have a break from the “Cone of Shame”