Handsome Noble’s family sent us this new picture and wrote:

This is Noble at 15 months, he’s laying on the hot tub cover and keeping watch over #9 green and fairway.


Noble, AKA “King Tut of the golf course”, expects to ride everywhere AND have the front seat!!!


Noble resides at Chitec Lake Golf Course, Northern Saskatchewan. He was born Feb. 21, 2013 and is from Robyn and Cesar….I will repeat this breeding next spring….I kept one of his sisters, Desta, back for breeding when she is two and she will be bred to Einstein….this will produce the best F1B available, I am struggling to keep going but want to go out producing the best Chocolate pups money can buy. Even I am dazzled with the quality of pups these guys are producing! His owners wrote:

Here he is at 5 months. Quite a character, a lot of golfers want to know what the heck kind of breed is that so we tell them and most responses are “man is he cute!”


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Noble is one of Robyn and Cesar‘s pups born on Feb. 21, 2013. These Doodles just blow people away with how quick they learn and how willing to please and loyal they are….I am smitten! Noble’s new family told us:

He’s pretty much house trained, only one hyper puppy accident this past week – too busy playing to realize he needed to be going outside!! Sandra has him sitting on command and he’s getting better at shaking hands. We were surprised at how well he does on the leash at this stage.