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We received these new photos and video of Kobi!


Kobi’s owners sent us this updated picture and wrote:

He’s very happy. He is a wonderful dog. Very smart and looking great!


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Here is a video from Kobi’s first camping trip!  It looks like he has scored a pretty good home.   I love it when people stay in touch and update me with how their pup is turning out.   These Doodles are so smart, they are very quick to catch on and a little praise, as you can see, is all the encouragement they need to try to do what they think you want.


Kobi is one of Kloe and Cesar’s puppies born on Dec. 17, 2012.  His owner told us:

Things are going great with Kobi.  We have him enrolled in obidience training at the moment and he is top of the class. Kobi loves to play with the other dogs and has learnt impressive control between playing rough with the ones that want to, and gentle with the ones that dont.  The other day he went straight from rough play with a boxer puppy of the same age to letting a 3 month old golden retriever chase him around the gym.  It is really amazing to watch.  I’m also happy to report that he sucessfully goes from 100KPH to 0KPH when we need him to…what a smart dog and full of energy and very happy. 
His trick list is as follows:
– sit
– stay
– down
– retrieve
– drop it
– leave it
– shake a paw
– in your bed
– roll over
– high five
We’re working hard on his recalls at the moment but that active puppy mind seems to be standing in his way a bit. He doesn’t run off though, so we’re not to worried.  We’ve been to the dog park quite a bit and he always makes sure he can see us.  If we go out of site…Kobi comes running…it’s adorable. We’re also working on training him to be outside in his dog run during the days.  We bought a 10ft x 10ft outdoor kennel and are saving up for a nice dog house to put inside.  It’s currently in a nice shaded part of the yard.  He still is not quite comfortable in the run, but after about 30mins of crying and barking he goes back to playing with his toys or lounging in the shade.
He is almost house trained, with only one or two accidents per week and usually when he is meeting new people or very excited.  90% of the time he let’s us know it’s time to go by sitting and giving us those puppy dog eyes. 
Another wonderful thing with Kobi is his walks and runs.  Anna and I have him used to being between us and he’s pretty good not to pull on the leash.  He runs with us now too and loves to keep up. 
I don’t think i’m missing anything here…haha…the moral of this story is that Kobi is an obidient, happy, and healthy puppy right now.  We are having a great time with him. He’s about 24″ to the shoulder and 40lbs right now.