Here are some great new pictures from Molly’s family. They wrote:

This is from Spring before my daughter went back to work in Edmonton. The basketball is Molly’s favourite toy….also the sport Al coached for 25 years.


This is a heart-felt update from Molly’s family:

Just wanted to say hello and tell you that today is the 1st birthday for Molly and a year since we lost our beloved Australian Shepherd. Molly was born the day we lost Jennie….that is what made Allan insist on the cute little Saskatchewan labradoodle. At first I felt very guilty getting another dog but we are dog people and every dog has a special place in our hearts….and Molly is now just as special. We comment often of how lucky we were that you still had her at 5 months. I’m sure Molly is almost full grown now…she is 70 pounds of pure muscle and a very athletic dog. Every morning Al takes her out in the stubble field to play with the deer…they like her and since she is a little shy she keeps her distance. Allan has rigged up a flashlight on her collar so he can keep track of her in the dark. It is funny to see people looking when she goes for a drive with me in the vehicle….she appears really huge in my little van.

Thanks again for breeding a great dog and hoping we can stop in for coffee some time in the future.


Molly’s family sent us some new pictures and wrote:

We just got back from a day working at the family cabin and wanted to share our photo shoot. We stopped for a break mid afternoon and Molly entertained us in the lake. Molly doesn’t really like the heat so nice to take her in the river
or lake to cool her off.


This is Molly, one of Krissy and Einstein’s Oct. 30th, 2012 female pups….she is indeed turning into a beauty. I am so impressed with my Doodles and I know there are people out there wondering why my Doodles are not $2,500 like some of the breeders. The reason is I am not trying to sell you a bill of goods, with a fancy label about the bloodlines. I am selling you a solid pet stock Labra or Golden Doodle, that I know the history on, am confident on the lineage for hips, elbows, ears and eyes.

I sincerely do not think you should be a doctor or a lawyer to afford a Doodle, I believe that everyone should get to have one. However, that being said, with the price of fuel, and the fact that my price includes delivery safely from my arms to yours, I do not know how much longer I can go without raising my price. I tell people that I will spend the money wisely on beer, dog food and fuel, no necessarily in that order. People who really know me, know how many rescue animals are living out their lives here on Fur Fettish Farm…..and the sales of my pups is what keeps us all going.

This pup is what it is really all about…..this is from Krissy’s first litter, this gives me the ‘bench mark’ to advise the second litter’s potential buyers what to expect. So I am very happy to see this picture and hear how Molly is doing. Her new owners wrote:

Molly has quite the personality and is very smart….she has never had an accident in her kennel or the house since we brought her home. Molly has really changed in looks and thought you would enjoy a new picture.