I am thrilled to hear about Caius and see how he has turned into a handsome, gentle and energetic young man. I sincerely thank Ezra for the great update, Caius lives near Moose Jaw, Sask. with his family. They wrote:

Here are some overdue pictures of Caius.. He’s doing great. Weighing in at 80lbs of muscle, I can’t tell how tall he is but as you can see from his standing, he is almost as big as me. He is the toast of the dog park. He’ll play with anyone, and he plays hard. He swims, he rolls in snow, he fetches like a champ and he’s really nimble in the woods. He’s brindled a little bit mostly on his face. Just changed him from a pure black to some stray grays. Recently he’s been playing a little with his sister the white cat Fionn, and he comes over and sniffs his human sister Isabelle. I’ve included his picture from the first day we came home with him. His Halloween Butler outfit, his face with his new sister so you can see the brindle, and the standing command to see how tall he is. I’ll try to send a video in another email so you can see him play.


This is one of Kloe and Cesar’s male pups, his name is Caius. He was living in Moose Jaw but has recently relocated with his family to Nova Scotia. I have his sister here, her soft baby hair was clipped last week, her name is Darla…The groomer was impressed with how well behaved she was for a first time clip. Caius’ owners wrote:

Caius is a super dog!!! I think I told you how he won first place in obedience training. His repertoire of basic tricks is excellent and now we’re moving to more fun stuff. He usually gets the idea within the first session. We just started “Find mommy/daddy” and it took 15 min for him to figure out what was going on. He is amazing around everyone and every species. Even with people with fears of dogs he’s helped them come out of their shells. As I write this to you he’s outside playing with the neighbor’s daughter who is afraid of dogs after one bowled her over when she was younger. She’s taken quite a liking to him. He still thinks all dogs are for playing with and luckily still hasn’t had any really bad experiences. He is done puking in the car. Which is good cause we drove 5000 km to get to Nova Scotia. He took it like a champ!! Just slept and hung out. He is starting to challenge us a little with some commands. He knows what to do but I think he`s just at that age where he`s challenging us. A little throw down and he`s back to normal. He still has blue monkey though he is now missing his head. He`s been going through a phase, probably related to his teething where none of his toys are safe. He has STILL never destroyed a shoe, or anything else except what belongs to him. He`s a swimmer btw. A good one too. All and all we are showered with compliments about him all the time. That he shouldn`t be as well behaved as he is till he`s 2 years old. Our neighbors constantly threaten to steal him or trade us one of their kids. Everyone keeps asking us what we did and though we have worked a lot, his temperament and whatever you did probably have far more to do with who he is. I`ve attached some family photos. They were taken almost 2 months ago right before his first grooming. Know that he looks very handsome now and we keep it short for the summer.