Maggie (Olds, AB)

This is Maggie who now lives in Olds, Alberta and has an awesome life with her owner who works at an Olds Auction Mart, so Maggie get to at least smell all the different critters that go through there. I am really happy about how great these dogs have turned out and of course I can’t really take much credit for what happened after they left me but I would like to think that the start I give them has something to do with it. That and the good solid bloodlines they have running in their veins. I sincerely appreciate every one of the emails I get telling me about how my pups turn out. Maggie’s family wrote:

Here is Maggie almost 2 years old. I thought maybe you would like to see how the girls were doing from this litter, by the sounds of it she is exactly like her brothers. She packs my socks around when she gets excited, she is not in her kennel any more but is baby gated out of the living room during the cold days. She spends the warm days outside with the cat, in her run when I am working. We took dog Agility last winter and she did really well we are going to take some more lessons this spring and maybe even a competition. Maggie absolutely loves camping and last summer she learned how to swim and now I can’t keep her out of the water. But BALL is her favourite game which we play a lot, she is so patient with my great nephews and very gentle even playing ball with them. She weighs about 60 pounds which is about 45 pounds heavier than her brother (Benson but he is a Chihuahua, jack russell and Shizshu mix) that she loves dearly. Thank you so much for breeding such great dogs as she is a much loved member of my family.


Maggie is one of Darby and Cesar‘s pups from Darby’s last litter (February 26, 2013). Her owners wrote us the following message to go with the picture:

I thought I should send you a picture of Maggie and her brother Benson. I had just shaved her so she is a little ragged but is doing really well. She is the star student in her dog classes and the teacher said she is very smart and doing excellent. We are going to take some scent detection classes later on. Well off to work and I gave your name to a lady who is looking for a pup.