Zenna & Mojo

We received some new pictures of Mojo and her sidekick Zenna. I have several people that now own two of my Doodles. I love it when my buyers send me pictures like this! Mojo and Zenna live at Lebret, Sask.


This black dog is Zenna, she is from Pluto and Katie’s Feb. 8th. 2007 litter and now she is getting a little brother from Dezi and Einstein’s June 20th, 2013 litter. I have gotten quite a few repeat buyers when they realize what a great dog they got the first time. The new pup is named MoJo and that is who the e-mail is sent to. I love this kind of interaction with my buyers, I know in my heart that my dogs (pups) will have a loving home here! Zenna wrote this to MoJo:

Heh MoJo:

Thought you would like to see pictures of your new family – Zenna is waiting for you to come and play with her. You never know what she will look like depending on the time of year and the groomer she uses, so am sending you a few so you will recognize her. She gets mighty hot in the summer with her black coat and needs a little cut now and then.

Zenna also came from where you were born so you will have a lot in common. Her nose may be a little out of joint when you first get here but not for long as she has been quite lonely here by herself. She likes to walk and has lots of things she wants to show you how to do. We are all looking forward to your arrival.

Will see you soon.