Here is Escort on Christmas Eve with her new family. They wrote:

We are in love with Escort. She has really calmed down and gotten used to the routines here. She loves the kid’ socks and underwear. LOL. She is just so sweet. The other dogs and her are getting along well and have had some big chasing matches in the yard. The first few nights she howled off and on in her kennel during the night but not a peep last night. We’ve been brushing her and brushing her teeth and she just lets us! You are very welcome for the little Xmas gift. I appreciate what you have done more than I can ever say! I hope you can find some happiness tomorrow. I will be thinking of you!


Although I did not advertise Escort she is now sold, I had two buyers contact me, the first one, from Ontario, wasted a lot of my time (which is the one thing I do not have to waste) by wanting me to bath and fast her and bring her all the way to Winnipeg so she could check out her temperament, I gave her my vet’s phone number so she could check with him on the temperament, and how I handle my dogs and pups…she never called him and now is angry that she is not the one getting the pup. The Calgary buyer knew exactly what she wanted and read the write up I did on Escort and committed. You can post this whole email. I am sincerely tired of tire kickers, if you are not seriously interested in a pup, please do not apply. If you are wanting one for Spring I will gladly put you on a waiting list.


Escort is from Dory and Cesar, she is already showing signs of brindling in color, so she will have a gorgeous coat…so far loose curls…and long legs!   She is a go getter and has to be shown who the boss is every so often, so by this, I know she will be a very attentive learner.   I intend on making her into a Palliative Care dog, to visit the elderly (a group that I am fast joining into).   I will update her progress and pictures on my web site as she grows and starts her training…. I am going to give this girl all the training I can!  For those of you who have known me for a long time… she will be even better than Ben, and that is going some!