F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Doe Dee) – Born August 20, 2013

All Doe Dee’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Doe Dee (F1 Golden Doodle) and Cesar ( Registered Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) now have only two F1B Golden Doodle females and three males available. These pups are now starting to change color, they will not stay black but will be a beautiful ‘shotgun gray’ with gold, silver and gray hairs throughout their coat, making them a unique coat color. They have now had three sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and are totally vet checked.

They have great manners, they have not been allowed to jump up on me, tug at clothes or lick. They have been trained to pee and poop in one area, and they sleep in a crate with the door off…so house training and crate training will go smoothly. I have done lots of foot work on them, they have had nails nipped weekly, paw massages every time they are handled and this weeks lesson was to have the hair between pads and toes scissor trimmed off.

These are well started pups, they are non shedding and will be very loyal, gentle, clean and intelligent dogs that would love to share their life with a loving family. Delivery to the central prairies is included in the price of the puppy, we do not ship our pups but choose to deliver them to as close to you as we can get, further away buyers can meet me part way. For more pictures of a certain pup let me know by the toy in the pictures with that pup and I will send all the pictures I took of him or her. Call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page


These pups are Doe Dee and Cesar’s last litter, she is also retiring and will be looking for a farm or acreage home. They were born August 20th and will be ready to start leaving October 19th. The vet has been here for boosters and complete vet check and we are good to go! These are non shedding F1B Golden Doodles that will not stay black, as they get a little older they will brindle in color, they are beautiful and will be very unique.


Doe Dee (Light Apricot F1 Golden Doodle) and Cesar (Registered Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) have had their last litter of puppies. They were born August 20th and the Doe Dee/Cesar combo is most certainly going out with a boom…. there are 13 puppies! They have been bottle supplemented around the clock until a few days ago when they started on a dish (hooray!). Both Doe Dee and I are celebrating with a full nights sleep! Some of these pups were already spoken for even before they were born.

These pups are black now but are not going to stay black, they are going to get gold and silver hairs through out their coats as they mature, which is called brindle in color. They are going to be unique and outstanding looking dogs! They are guaranteed non shedding as they are F1B, second generation Golden Doodles. They have had their dew claws removed, they will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice, completely vet checked and are very well handled. The tiny ends are nipped off their nails weekly and paw massages are given daily, so foot handling for grooming and nail clipping will not be an issue. They sleep in a crate with the door off, so crate training will be a simple procedure, since crate training and house training go together you will be amazed at how quickly that will go for you. They are already peeing and pooping in one small area of their very large pen, so teaching them to go in one area of your yard will not take long.

I do not allow any bad habits to begin, they have not been allowed to put their feet up on me, tug at clothing or shoe laces, nor lick….so they are well started with manners and come with lots of instructions on how to keep them well mannered.

These pups will be ready to go October 15th. They are $900 and that price includes delivery safely into your arms. I do not ship my puppies but choose to drive them, assuring that they arrive safely and not traumatized into the forever families arms. For more information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. I have taken lots of pictures of each pup so if you see one that catches your eye I will send you all the pictures of that particular puppy, they each have a different toy, so refer to the pup by the toy that is with it. I am here to advise you on your choice, I like people to choose wisely, this choice will live with you for about 15 years, Doodles have longevity. These are loyal, intelligent, obedient, clean, easy to train, family dogs that will just amaze you with how quickly they pick up on what you want from them.


Doe Dee (F1 Golden Doodle from Einstein and Katie) had a planned rendezvous with Cesar, my Registered Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle, which resulted in a bakers dozen F1B Golden Doodle pups born August 20th. Doe Dee and I am so happy that they are starting on a dish we are celebrating, each with a different drink in our paw and a lot of petting time. This is their first debut pictures….if you see a fat little cutie that interests you please let me know. It helps me to help you if I know what sex, what coat texture (curly, wavy or straighter) and temperament you are looking for. Please do not pick your puppy by color alone…you need to look at confirmation and temperament also. These guys are ready mid October….dew claws are off, two sets of boosters and vet check will be done.

These pups will not stay black but will brindle in color as they get older, with silver, gold, and chocolate hair throughout their coat….it is really an outstanding color. They are non shedding Doodles. For more information call 306 792-2113 or text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.