Here is an update from Frankie’s family. His mother, Kloe is spayed and lives with a Dr. in White City and has twin boys to play with her. I have a full sister to this Frankie dog that will be old enough to breed this summer, her name is Dane and she is the spitting image of her younger brother. It warms my heart to receive pictures and updates of my pups and I sincerely thank Adam and Samantha for sharing these pictures with myself and my other puppy lovers. They wrote:

I hope you’re keeping well. I have to tell you that Frankie has become quite the hit in our neighborhood! People have been stopping me on the street to ask me where I got him and they can’t believe how gorgeous he is. I think you even spoke with a woman we met on our walk this morning!! I thought I should send you some more current photos of our little (well not so little) Frankie so that you can see how he’s doing. He weighs over 60 lbs now and is in need of his first hair cut which is coming up in a week or so.

He was very confused by the melting snow these past couple weeks but is starting to figure out that grass is his friend haha He loves his long walks and loves playing in the yard. He even comes on some errands with us (you will notice he’s making a transaction at the bank in the first photo! Everyone at the bank loves him haha)

He is honestly the best dog. We love him so much!


Here is Frankie with his play pal Morgan. They both live in Winnipeg. I am so amazed by all of my pups that have met their siblings in a number of big cities. I am getting calls from Toronto, Iowa and South California, but I won’t ship my pups unescorted, they will have to fly up here and fly back with their pup.


This lucky dog had another playdate with another relative, Morgan! Frankie is from Kloe and Morgan is from Kianna, Einstein is the father to both litters, one of Kloe’s other males, Lloyd is in on this crew that has play dates also. My pups have created a little family to bond with by having play dates with the pups….this is amazing. Go Doodles Go!  Frankie’s family sent us these pictures and wrote:

I hope this email finds you well. We thought we’d send a few recent photos of our little (well not so little anymore…) Frankie! He is loving Winnipeg winter, especially climbing the mountain of snow in our back yard!!!

Also, our friends took home Morgan from one of your more recent litters and she came by for a play this weekend. The puppies had the best time together! Your dogs are the best!


An update on Frankie:

Frankie and his brother Lloyd had such a nice play date last weekend! They instantly knew each other and had a great time together. Here are a couple photos!


Here is a new picture of Frankie. Note the words on his football jersey!


Frankie is one of Kloe and Einstein‘s 2013 pups. He now lives in Winnipeg. His happy family told us:

We just wanted to let you know that Frankie has been doing extremely well in his new home. He is just the best puppy! You did such a nice job of preparing him for us and we couldn’t be more in love with him!

Here are a few photos I took of him in his first few days with us. He loves napping on his bed! More to come…