This is yet another of the 14 puppies that kept me going around the clock to help Darby keep them fed. Spock lives in Edmonton with his family and he is a very gallant looking fellow. I really got some wind under my wings today when I heard from three of this litter’s owners. They all sound like quite the Doodles and I am quite surprised on how black they have stayed. Thanks a million for sending. Spock’s family wrote:

Spock is a very good boy. He listens to basic commands like sit and lay down and stay although stay is a little tougher because he still very excited when things are happening. He knows how to leave it and how to drop it and he hears those quite a bit and seemingly like Eddie he really likes to carry things around in his mouth. He doesn’t always know what belongs to him and what belongs to anyone else so he just kind of grab. He’s also a massive groomer for his toys. He will groom and groom and groom until he grooms an ear or a tail right off of his stuffed animals. He has also chewed through one of those rope toys. Didn’t take him long.

He still stays in his kennel during the day time. There was a time when I would let him out and he was very good but he is so tall now and he has found out if there are snacks in the middle of the dining room table he can reach them! Now he is always checking to see if there is something up there and he cannot be trusted to be left alone.

He’s pretty big now. I think his last weigh-in at the vet said that he was 78 pounds and he is very, very tall although he looks almost exactly like Eddie.

Spock is big with lick kisses and gives one on the hand every time he comes in the door. He also likes to hold hands with everyone so when you are walking he will take your hand in his mouth and walk alongside with you.

All in all he is a wonderful dog and very very loving. We can’t thank you enough for allowing us the chance to adopt him and bring him into our family.


This is one of Darby’s last litter, his name is Spock and he lives in Sherwood Park.