An update on Winnie! I really don’t care for the look of the clip with ears long and face and head shaved but it really shows the perfect lines of her head, she really is an outstanding looking F1B Labra Doodle, I prefer more of the Schnauzer clip. This young fellow has really put in the time to make Winnie into a great dog.  He told us:

Just wanted to send you a little update on Winnie. She is doing amazing. She has grown to what I believe will be her adult size which is just over 40lbs and about 20″ tall. She is extremely smart. House training and general habits were a breeze. She is very very very active. She spends most of her day running around my acreage and as such has become a rather fast puppy. She loves playing catch and chasing birds. There are still a few tricks I would like to teach her but with spring seeding under way, that will have to wait until the summer. Hope all is well and I hope you enjoy these pictures. They’re from various stages of life. I don’t have a current one but her hair is about medium length and very curly. I’m very glad she outgrew her puppy fur as it was a bit difficult to maintain. Thank you very much for everything and know that Winnie is doing exceptionally well!!


This is Escort‘s sister Winnie from Dory and Cesar‘s July 9th Red Lodge Park litter. Winnie lives on a farm at Seven Person’s, Alberta. I am thinking about selling Escort and keeping one of Debbie’s little Chocolate females, she is quite tiny and fought hard to stay alive with eleven siblings to take her food away. I talked to Dr. Cochrane about it today and she says although tiny she has a great heart….I fought hard to help her stay alive so I think we are a team. Time will tell…I will train Escort a little first and see where it goes….

Winnie’s family told us:

Well harvest is final over and fall field work is also becoming numbered in its days. Thought you might enjoy some pictures of Winnie. She is about 17lbs now and still has a great temperament.