Stella L

Stella is doing very well! Take note that she is allowing the children to kiss her right on the lips and she is not licking their faces! You have done an awesome job Amberly! These are priceless pictures. She told us:

Stella is doing great. She’s extremely intelligent and a constant source of amusement in our house. She is very affectionate and gives actual hugs. She puts her legs around our necks and nuzzles her face into our chests. It is adorable.

Her best friend is our pug who is dominant over her which is ridiculous since she’s about three times his size. Last week she figured out how to “spring” our pug from his kennel. She’s 60 lbs and extremely tall.


Stella is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20, 2013, females. They are just starting to leave now, two went yesterday. Stella lives in Regina and her sister went to Moosomin. Kloe was also on board and now is retired and living in White City. Stella’s happy new family wrote us:

Hi – Stella is a sweety. What a gentle little dog. She doesn’t bite and has taken to the kids…..she follows them around and whines when they leave the room. She is a bit scared of my husband but hopefully that wears off soon. She hasn’t messed in the house at all, although we have made many trips outside. We tried to nap her in her cage but that was loud! Hopefully nighttime goes better!

Here is Stella with our guinea pig Cookie lol. She laid her head on the pig herself!