An update from Anndi’s family had this picture attached and read:

?Just wanted to say hello from ?Anndi and the Stinnen family. Aura wouldn’t sit for the picture but ?Anndi loves it. Merry Christmas!!


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Anndi sounds like quite the explorer! It is so heart warming to me to see my pups as they grow up and hear of how they have become a valued member of each of their families. Anndi’s family sent the pictures and video above and wrote:

Anndi is doing well! Her and Aura have bonded amazingly. She loves playing fetch and once she starts she doesn’t quit usually until about 10 pm then she crashes hard! The video was from last night she got too warm on the couch and decided to flop to the floor. She likes to peak into the sink when she thinks no one is looking.


This is one of Amber and Cesar‘s girls, born August 31, 2013. She scored an awesome home in Regina today. The bigger dog with her is named Aura. Nice dog names, Aura and Anndi!!! Their family sent us this note along with the pictures:

The girls are getting along so far.  We love her, thank you so much!!