I don’t think anyone is enjoying this more than I am. This is the icing on the cake for me, to see my pups, grown and living the good life with their own family. I have heard from almost every puppy owner in this litter…good job guys, you make me proud!!! So this litter is in Vietman. B.C., Alberta, Sasktachewan, Manitoba and Ontario (and one of Cesars females is in Yellowknife). Melvin’s family wrote:

Here is a couple of pictures of Melvin over in Fernie BC. He has been such a great dog with such a funny personality. He has given us many hours of laughter with his antics. He has a sock fetish haha he will try and steal a sock right out of your hand, and when you tell him no he looks up at you with his sad eyes for forgiveness and as soon as you turn your back he tries to get the sock again. That is just one of his many games he plays.


Melvin’s family sent these words along with some new photos:

Here are some updated pictures of Melvin. He is 28″ at the shoulder and 81lbs. Wonderful addition to our family. He is learning to catch frisbee and plays soccer where he kicks a ball back and forth with his paws while walking. He also tends to think he is a lap dog. He is so much fun. We really enjoy him.


We received an update on Melvin, along with these pictures. His family told us:

Just an update on our pup Melvin. He is house broke totally now, he rings his bells when he wants to go out now however …..sometimes he just rings them to go out and play haha. He walks beside us both on and off leash even down town with other people around. He gets lots of attention and pets when in crowds and he loves it haha. He is quite a little character and makes us laugh often. He would play fetch until your arm fell off if we would let him haha. He comes to work with me every Friday and staff loves it when he comes. He absolutely loves playing in the snow. I will send more updates soon.


This is one of Doe Dee and Cesar’s August 20th. 2013 male pups, he now lives in Fernie, B.C. There are only four left in this litter that are not rehomed yet, one female and three males. If they all get such glowing reports I will be just thrilled.

Good afternoon Margaret Ann, we just wanted to give you an update and thank you for letting one of your pups into our lives. He is quite a character at times haha. His name is Melvin.

After only one week he is completely paper trained working on asking to go outside now. He fetches and brings back a tennis ball (most times haha). And has just about learned his sit command. He walks on his leash very well and is also very good walking off the leash. He gets along with our other pets and as you predicted, our old dog Leonard had to put him in his place a few times.

He comes to work with me every day and likes to sleep under my desk. His favourite place to sleep is on my feet. Our staff just love him. Here are a couple of pics and I will send you more as he grows up.