Kix Irving

Here are some fresh pictures of Kix (right after her clip)!


After much soul searching and a little input from my vet I have decided to train and adopt out my choice of my last dog, Escort, and keep Debbie’s tiniest female. This little girl was incredibly tiny when she was born but she was a feisty little monkey. When I would sit in their whelping box with the bottle to supplement them as soon as she would smell me, she would wake up (eyes and ears still closed) and come to me as fast as she could crawl. Once she could walk she would come full speed to me, I spent a lot of hours sitting with her letting her nurse while I kept the bigger pups away so she had a chance without being pushed off…we quickly became a team. This tiny bit of chocolate fur just wanted to be with me and would crawl over all the other pups to get there. When Dr. Cochrane came to do vet checks and boosters I was mentioning this to him, and that it was too bad I had already picked Escort…that being said he checked her over twice as sometimes the small pups have a heart murmur, she doesn’t and while he was weighing and checking her she was ‘eyes on Margaret-Ann’ and tail wagging. So long story short, between his vet tech, Dr. Cochrane and myself, we decided that she should be my last forever dog, rather than Escort. So this little girl is staying and will be spayed and be my last dog….I named her Kix (Kix Butt) and you will be reading more about her in the future.

Escort is going into obedience training in my hay shed, which is almost ready to go, and will be offered for sale as a well started pup. Now let me dazzle you with the pictures I took of her yesterday.