Here are some new pictures of Emma. She obviously has an exciting life as part of this big family. Emma’s mother, Debbie, didn’t have pups this August as planned so hopefully she will have early 2015 pups and then she is looking for her forever home. The cross with Cesar produced outstanding pups for calmness and loyalty on top of great confirmation so they will get another chance. Debbie and Cesar will start camping out later this fall with a cozy dog house to snuggle into.


Emma’s family sent us these updated pictures and wrote:

THIS IS EMMA NOW. Thank you for Emma she completes our family. She is going through the puppy stage and it is sometimes challenging, she is doing better and better, she is doing great, needles all up to date. She is very timid with other people but she is energetic for sure. We love her so much. She always hops like a little deer or a lamb she’s so freagin cute. Here are a few pics.


Emma is one of Debbie and Cesar’s pups born August 30, 2013. Emma’s new family wrote:

Emma is doing very well, we love her and best of all she seems happy…..